Shared Equipment

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Centrifuge, Allegra X-15R Centrifuge, Avanti J-25 AGFA CP 1000 
Calendar Calendar Calendar
244 VetSci 333 VetSci 38 AS/VM 
Cheryl Dvorak

Rao Lab

 Liang/Ly Lab


Gel Imager Nanodrop 8000 Gel Imager Eagle Eye Confocal Microscope Odyssey Imaging System
Calendar     Calendar  
GelDocVetSci Nanodrop8000 GelDocASVM Confocal Microscope Imaging System
320 VetSci 164 AS/VM 172 AS/VM 137 VetSci 155 AS/VM
Janet Anderson

Shea Anderson

Kristelle Mendoza

Reece Wagstaff

Bruce Walcheck


Real Time PCR Machine, ABI 7500 Real Time PCR Machine, MX3000P (VetSci) Real Time PCR Machine, MX3005P (AS/VM) ELISA reader
  Calendar Calendar  
pcrABI7500 RealtimePCR1 RealtimePCR2 ELISAreader
234 VetSci 234 VetSci 234 VetSci 234 VetSci
Cheryl Dvorak Cheryl Dvorak Cheryl Dvorak Cheryl Dvorak


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