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Study Information

For immediate attention regarding participation in a Modiano Lab study please call 612-626-6890.

New-Clinical trials for canine glioma

New- Clinical trial for canine lymphoma (more info here)

There are various studies ongoing in our lab and with our collaborators. The links to the left provide information about the studies, the goals, and eligibility criteria. As applicable, we work closely with families and their veterinarians to obtain samples in a manner that will make them useful for this and possibly future cancer studies. Participation requires owners/guardians to complete Informed Consent Forms. In some cases, costs for shipping and handling samples and for routine pathology are covered by the studies; in other cases, these costs are the responsibility of the family. We always report relevant results to the attending veterinarians. If you have questions regarding eligibility criteria and special waivers, or if you wish to explore the possibility that your dog might participate in one of our studies, please contact us at

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