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For Referring Veterinarians

The University of Minnesota Veterinary Medical Center Oncology Department is committed to providing exceptional care to our patients with cancer. We can assist veterinarians by providing information regarding different types of cancers and treatment options. We value your referrals to provide clients with the information and resources to help make decisions to maintain a high quality of life for there pet.

Setting up a Referral
New patient consultations are scheduled Monday through Thursday with both morning and early afternoon appointment times available. These consultations last approximately one hour. Additional testing, procedures or treatments will likely need to be scheduled on a day other than the initial consult. New patient consultations are initially seen by one of our senior veterinary students and/or a Certified Veterinary Technician (CVT) for a complete history and physical examination. After the student/technician presents the case to the clinician, all will return to the client to talk about treatment options. A discharge letter with the recommendations covered in the consultation will be sent to the client (either at their home mailing address or email) and to the referring clinic (by fax).

Your phone calls are important to us. Due to the numerous phone calls and our chemotherapy schedule, you may be directed to voicemail. Please leave a detailed message and we will get back to you at the soonest opportunity.

The University Oncology Department has a very high case load. We understand that this is a very unsettling time for owners and we will do our best to accommodate them. To expedite your referral, please complete the Referral Form and fax back to the number listed on the form with the medical record. You will need to fax the complete medical record with the Referral Form. It is helpful to sent any imaging with the owner for the appointment.

If your patient has not yet been diagnosed with a specific type of cancer, we recommend that you refer to our medicine or surgery service if there is urgency. Please call us if assistance is needed to determine the best department for your patients needs.

If you would like to have advanced imaging done to help in getting a diagnosis prior to an Oncology Department referral, the AVID service is a an outpatient service that offers direct access to the most advanced imaging technology for veterinary use in the nation, with consultation and interpretation provided by our on-site team of experienced radiologists.

Continued Care After Referral
We may ask that clients that are having treatment with us come back to your clinic for Complete Blood Counts (CBC) on occasion. After each treatment, we will fax you a discharge note that will contain information about what treatments were done, physical exam findings, and when they are needed back for additional treatments. The fax will also contain information about what tests are needed either at our hospital or at your clinic. Please fax results to us at 612-625-7229 (this is also our phone number). We will call the client to interpret the results and follow up with any needed actions.

For continuity of care, we ask that you fax our office with each visit the patient has with you, so that we have complete records of the care they are receiving outside our facility. It is especially important that we are aware of any medications you prescribe or therapy you initiate.

We strive to make the veterinarian-patient-specialist relationship as smooth as possible. If you have any questions during the course of treatment for your patient, please do not hesitate to call our office to discuss the case further with the treatment team.

Clinical Trials at the University of Minnesota
The Animal Cancer Care and Research (ACCR) program brings together researchers from different disciplines across human and veterinary medicine, who strive to learn more about the area of cancer where humans and animals interface. Their discoveries lead to better ways to treat and prevent cancers in both humans and animals.

The Clinical Investigation Center (CIC) facilitates veterinary clinical trials and translational research studies which may lead to new drugs, devices, procedures and treatments for the benefit of animals and humans alike. We do this by providing expertise, facilities, technical staff and overall study coordination.

Clinical Trials at the University of Minnesota



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