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The Center for Animal Health and Food Safety is uniquely positioned as the only academic institution in the United States that houses colleges of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Science, Extension Service, Public Health, Medicine, and Veterinary Medicine. The presence of these academic units, the Center’s historically close working relationship with local and national governmental agencies and the upper Midwest’s vast network of food producers, processors, and technology allows CAHFS to bridge organizational lines. Working with our partners, CAHFS strives to effectively address animal and food safety issues so that people and animals can live healthier lives.

Creating and facilitating strong working relationships among food systems professionals and organizations, governmental entities, and academia is at the core of CAHFS’ mission. From this base, the Center seeks to anticipate emerging food safety issues and promote effective, evidence-based solutions. CAHFS believes an interdisciplinary approach is required to successfully address food safety issues from “the farm to the table” - one that draws upon the knowledge, skills, and vision of all those involved.

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The Center for Animal Health and Food Safety

Staff and Alumni

Faculty and Staff
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Mailing Address
Center for Animal Health and Food Safety
136 Andrew Boss Laboratory
1354 Eckles Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55108

Phone: 612-625-8709
Fax: 612-624-4906

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