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Dialog-University Consortium

Dialog gathered at a national meeting held in August 2010, which engaged representatives from US government agencies, industry and university research groups in discussion on Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) response strategies, came to form the Dialog University Consortium. The consortium consists of faculty and institutions that have expertise in areas relevant to Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service Veterinary Services (APHIS VS). Their expertise is being used to facilitate relationships with members of USDA APHIS to collaborate on emerging issues.

The objectives of the national Dialogue on Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) Response and University Consortium are:

  • Enhancing internal and external APHIS communications on FMD and plan for a national dialogue on Foot and Mouth Disease.
  • Foster new partnerships between educational institutions and APHIS
  • Arrange joint activities between APHIS and interested educators and researchers
  • Update and deliver educational programs that include both university and APHIS partners
  • Support APHIS VS needs for 2015 and beyond.

Efforts to continue dialogue about FMD response options include fostering dialogue among APHIS and stakeholders, and encouraging input from education consortium members to share research findings to support technical discussion. This will be done by inviting educational consortium members to activities involving the continued dialogue between APHIS and stakeholders concerning FMD response options and encouraging faculty to share new research findings with APHIS to support technical discussions.


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