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Facilitating Public-Private Partnerships

The main objective of the Facilitating Public-Private Partnerships (FPPP) initiative is to engage industry, government, academia, tribes, and other animal and public health stakeholders on the needs of emergency preparedness. This will be done by creating and facilitating industry work groups to identify methods to safeguard animal agriculture including methods to sustain agriculture in rural areas and develop and provide education programs targeted at different stakeholders.

Industry focus areas include:

  • Eggs
  • Dairy, Milk
  • Poultry, Broilers
  • Swine, Pork
  • Poultry, Turkeys
  • Cross Species

Three components that will be focused on to achieve the main objectives outlined above are:

  1. Building Public-Private-Partnerships
    • This will be completed through:
      • Industry-Government engagement
      • Communication
      • Engagement
  2. Integrative Risk Management
    • This will be completed through:
      • Support continuity of business
      • Surveillance
      • Biosecurity
  3. Operationalization
    • Outreach to stakeholders
    • Capacity Building
    • Communication
    • Exercises


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