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Food Policy Research Center

The University of Minnesota (UMN) Food Policy Research Center will perform integrated analyses of food and nutrition policies, in the emphasis area of consumers, food, and nutrition. The Center will leverage the UMN Global Good Initiatives in food, health, and sustainability by bringing together the breadth and depth of expertise across our College of Veterinary Medicine; College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences; School of Public Health, Humphrey School of Public Affairs, and University of Minnesota Extension, and 20 participating Centers and Institutes.

Integrated Policy Research Teams will produce Fact Sheets and Policy Analysis of the impacts of food- and nutrition-related public policies and trade agreements on farmers, ranchers, consumers, and taxpayers that will benefit the farm and agricultural sectors; the environment; rural families, households, and economics; and consumers’ nutrition and access to abundant, safe, and healthy food.

  • The Center’s education program will train new analysts with an understanding of policy analysis approaches from biological, public health, environmental, and economic perspectives combined with practical experience with integrated policy analysis.
  • The information dissemination plan provides for timely, accessible transmission of research findings to policymakers, analysts, and other individuals through white papers, publications, testimony, informational workshops, and use of traditional and social media.
  • Key outcomes of the rigorous, comprehensive policy research will be an expansion of policymakers’ understanding of the impacts and trade-offs associated with national policy and regulations options in the complex topics of food and nutrition.

The broad perspective offered by our systems thinking will help policymakers to steer clear of the unintended impacts of complex policy decisions and to design effective, cost-effective policy surrounding food and nutrition, and their relationship to issues of environment, the farm and agricultural sectors, and rural communities.




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