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Global One Health Implementation


The interdependency of human, animal and environmental health has been recognized by scholars since early civilization. Nevertheless, while these ideas are not new, the concept of 'One Health' only gained popular appreciation with the pandemic concerns around  H5N1 'bird flu' and H1N1 'swine flu' in the last five years. The One Health (OH) paradigm now has captured attention of a number of organizations and funders. Numerous initiatives currently are underway. However, the global impact of this movement is unclear and its effectiveness to be constrained by conflicting definitions and relatively little coordination of efforts.


The Global Initiative for Food Systems Leadership, part of the Center for Animal Health and Food Safety, captured the lessons learned to date in the OH movement and to catalyze strategic partnerships for OH global implementation and sustainability. A catalogue was created around the OH activities being done in 2011 in order to capture their operating definitions and evaluation strategies. This catalogue showcases current activities, highlights commonalities, enables identification of lessons learned and pinpoints specific gaps critical to global implementation and sustainability.


Catalogue of One Health Activities and Programs 

Compelling Stories

One Health Compelling Stories

Prince Mahidol Awards Conference, Bangkok, Thailand

In January, global public health leaders convened in Bangkok to strategize future One Health initiatives. Sponsored by the Rockefeller Foundation, the conference sought to encourage collaboration across disciplines to promote effective decision making.

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