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Kosovo Dairy Project

This research project aims to understand and mitigate potential food safety risks associated with smallholder farms in Kosovo and the United States. Improving the safety of milk produced from small-holder dairy farms in the emerging market of Kosovo using methodologies that can be adapted for use on farmstead dairy production and processing facilities in the US is the primary objective of the project. Improvement in milk safety will be achieved by developing assessment tools to identify risks related to current practices.

Main activities of this project include:

  1. Conducting a risk assessment of milk quality at collection sites in Kosovo through collaborative field-based research with university, government, and extension specialists from the United States and Kosovo in order to identify current practices and create a comprehensive baseline measurement of the present state of milk quality at collection sites today.
  2. Developing a pre-harvest food safety program that increases milk quality and enhances food safety, and deliver this program through trainings conducted by extension teams using a co-teaching model administered jointly by American and Kosovo faculty and extension agents.
  3. Developing a risk assessment tool for evaluating food safety risks associated with the collection and distribution of milk from small scale collection sites that can be used in Kosovo to improve the quality and safety of milk and adapted for use in the United States for evaluating milk quality and food safety risks in the domestic farmstead dairy industry.


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