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Capturing One Health Momentum for Global Implementation

The concept of “One Health” (OH) continues to gain steam and has been a focus of many organizations including Centers for Disease Control, Wildlife Conservation Society and professional presentations at numerous local, national and international meetings. The Rockefeller Foundation funded this initiative to capture the lessons learned to date in the OH movement and to catalyze strategic partnerships for OH global implementation and sustainability.

A catalogue of the OH activities was created to capture evaluation strategies and showcase current activities, highlight commonalities, enable identification of lessons learned, and pinpoint specific gaps critical to global implementation and sustainability. Using the information compiled in the catalogue as a resource material, a week-long Bellagio summit was convened to bring together the biggest OH voices and major funders. The summit consisted of facilitated discussions and group exercises that were used to envision plausible trajectories for OH, both positive and negative.

Participants of the Bellagio summit were engaged to identify new opportunities for enhancing the positive contributions of OH and avoiding potential pitfalls, and an agreement was reached upon strategic partnerships and an evaluation strategy to capture the momentum for One Health global implementation.


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