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Research - Continuity of Business

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Continuity of Business as part of Emergency Response Planning

Under a cooperative agreement with USDA APHIS Veterinary Services CAHFS faculty, residents and staff have utilized a public-private partnership approach to engage federal, state, academic and industry experts from around the country to inform and support the development of commodity specific pro-active risk assessments looking at the movement of different egg sector commodities during aHighly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) outbreak in the US.

The development of pro-active risk assessments based on current industry practices and input from stakeholders are the foundation for science and risk based tools for use by state and federal regulators to guide the managed movement of commodities from uninfected farms during a HPAI response. Involvement of industry in the process has increased awareness and forged valuable networks important in the acceptance and incorporation of the tools.

The risk assessments and tools are housed within the Secure Egg Supply plan (SES). This is the initial secure food supply plan developed to support continuity of business during an emergency response to a foreign animal disease in the US, additional work is ongoing with the broiler and turkey industry for HPAI and with the dairy and pork industry for FMD.

The development of these continuity of business tools and plans is an important step for the USDA in meeting their goals of FAD response and will be vital to the industry segments if affected by a FAD in the future.

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