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Letter from the Director

Greetings CAHFS Partners

In this issue we are starting a new series of feature articles on partnerships called P2. These articles will highlight the relevance, strategic value, and yes, sometimes… the challenges of partnerships.

The work of the Center is not a collection of individual efforts, rather it is the work of many internal and external partners working together with Center faculty, staff, and residents to solve complex research problems, deliver relevant educational programs, and provide global outreach in leadership and capacity building. Our strong network of partners allows us to effectively respond to emerging issues, quickly capture new opportunities, and collectively add value by making a difference locally, nationally, and throughout the world.

One unique way CAHFS and its partners build leadership capacity is through our Global Initiatives Programs (formerly called GIFSL). Current CAHFS Global Initiatives Programs include our veterinary public health capacity- building Twinning project, our international Farm to Table experiential learning program, international One Health Residency program partnerships, and our Engaging Intergovernmental Organizations professional development program, to name just a few.
13 years of activity built on strong partnerships is a legacy to be proud of. We do really nice work together. Thanks!

Linda Valeri
Director of Operations
Center for Animal Health and Food Safety

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