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Letter from the Director
December 2013 Issue of One on One Newsletter
Scott Wells, Director of Academic Programs, CAHFS

I recently had the opportunity to present a CAHFS update to the faculty of the Department of VPM of the CVM. In reviewing materials to develop the presentation, I was again reminded of the critical role CAHFS plays in impacting animal health, food safety, and public health globally. Thanks to the efforts of CAHFS faculty, staff, residents and graduate students in collaboration with numerous public-private partners, we continue to demonstrate success to facilitate collaborative research, build veterinary public health capacity, and deliver relevant outreach.

CAHFS highlights:

Several CAHFS service-oriented research and outreach projects are impacting policy decisions at local and national levels, including pro-active risk assessments to support emergency preparedness, an assessment of chronic wasting disease in Minnesota, an evaluation of antimicrobial use in pork production), policy assessments through the Food Policy Research Center, and occupational safety and health through the Upper Midwest Agricultural and Safety and Health Center (NIOSH).

Vet Public Health Preventive Medicine Residency Program: 6 residents currently enrolled, 25 have completed their residency, and affiliated residency partner programs are established at Chiang Mai University (Thailand) and Makerere University (Uganda). Our alumni are making impacts in various areas of public health, with examples including:

  • Jennifer Koeman (VPHPM 2008-2010), now serving as Director of Producer and Public Health for the National Pork Board.
  • Nicole Neeser (VPHPM 2002-2004), the Program Manager of Dairy, Meat, Poultry and Egg Inspection for the Minnesota Department of Agriculture.
  • Barbara Knust (VPHPM 2007-2009), working with the Viral Special Pathogens Branch of the Centers for Disease Control.

DVM-MPH Dual Degree Program: 124 active students currently enrolled and 77 have completed the Dual Degree Program. Our alumni are also making public health impacts, with examples including:

  • Christine Hoang (DVM 2007, MPH 2008), the Associate Director: Scientific Activities Division, American Veterinary Medical Association with a focus on antimicrobial resistance.
  • Amanda Denisen Tank (DVM 2005, MPH 2008), the Assistant Manager for Animal Welfare for Hormel Foods.
  • 14 individuals working in government positions at federal or state agencies.

Experiential Learning: CAHFS programs now include Leadership development, Policy at State, National, and Intergovernmental levels, and Farm to Table Study programs around the world. From 2008-2013, 52 programs have been delivered with 1,695 participants from 58 countries.

As an OIE Collaborating Center in the area of Veterinary Services Capacity Building, CAHFS is currently implementing the first OIE Veterinary Education Twinning Project in collaboration with Chiang Mai University (Thailand).

I can’t wait to see which opportunities await us in 2014!

Scott Wells


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