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Enhance Your Leadership Skills

“Leadership to Address Global Grand Challenges” is a new course offered spring term 2013. This four day 1.5 credit course is lead by instructors from the College of Veterinary Medicine, Humphrey School of Public Affairs, and the School of Public Health.

Global Grand Challenges have significant consequences for the wellbeing of societies. They are novel, emergent, highly complex, and beyond the resources or knowledge of a single discipline, organization, or sector to address. Grand challenges are sometimes described as wicked problems or social messes.

Through this course participants will be introduced to select integrative leadership strategies useful in addressing global grand challenges, specifically leadership practices that foster collective action across diverse groups of people.

The course culminates on Thursday January 17th with an opportunity for participants to apply key leadership skills when acting as co-hosts along with course instructors for a day-long professional forum looking at Improving Animal and Worker Health and Welfare, as part of the fourth in the Finding common Ground Forum Series.

Register for the course: VMED 5998 or PA 5190
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