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CIC Two Dogs by Jessica Rigley

Welcome to the Neurology Clinical Trials page!

If you would like more information about a study, or think you would like to enroll your pet, please contact the person listed under the study.  You may also Contact Us at the CIC. 

Canine status epilepticus: A translational platform for human clinical trials

Current Status: Enrolling
Principal Investigator: Ned Patterson, DVM, PhD
Dr. Patterson  Office: 612-625-5799  Email:
Andrea Eckert Office: 612-625-3157  Email: 

This study is evaluating intravenous fosphenytoin for the emergency treatment of seizures in dogs. We are seeking dogs which have had an episode of convulsive seizure activity lasting longer than 5 minutes, or have had 2 or more convulsive seizures without recovery (to walking) in between. Enrolled dogs will be given standard of care, and if they have another seizure while in the VMC (or stay in seizure), they will be assigned to the study drug group or the control group.  Dogs will be monitored for a minimum of 5 hours post-treatment. Owners will receive $500 - $1500 off their VMC bill.

To refer a dog, please contact the VMC main number: 612-626-8387 and have the owner and dog come to the Emergency service.  Any other questions, please contact one of the study team above.


For more information on the Neurology section at the Veterinary Medical Center, click here.



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