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Current Studies in Dentistry:

If you would like more information about a study, or think you would like to enroll your pet, contact the person listed under the study.  You may also Contact Us at the CIC.

Guided tissue/bone regeneration for deep periodontal pockets of strategic teeth

Current Status:  Active and enrolling
Principal Investigator: Kevin Stepaniuk, BSC, DVM, FAVD, DAVDC
Contact:  Dr. Stepaniuk at 612-625-5657, e-mail, or the University of Minnesota Veterinary Dental Service at 612-625-8156

Dr. Stepaniuk is looking for 10 dogs with deep periodontal pockets on the palatal side of the maxillary canine teech, the lingual side of the mandibular canine teeth, or around the maxillary or mandibular carnassial teeth. A laminar bone GTR membrane will be provided at no cost to cases that qualify for the study.

Dr. Goldstein teaching

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