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Emergency and Critical Care


Welcome to the Emergency and Critical Care Current Clinical Trials page!

If you would like more information about a study, or think you would like to enroll your pet, contact the person listed under the study.  You may also Contact Us at the CIC.


A Phase II trial evaluating goal directed therapy including tissue oxygen levels in canine patients with evidence of shock

Current Status: Active
Principal Investigator:  Kelly Hall, DVM, DACVECC 
Contact: Dr. Katie Peterson by Nextel or 612-419-2844 / Dr. Kelly Hall - Office: 612-624-6288 or ER line: 612-625-9711 

Purpose: Early goal directed therapy has been shown in several human studies to improve patient outcome when used to guide resuscitation in the emergency department, but requires invasive monitoring tools such as central catheters to measure CVP and ScvO2, which are not universally utilized by veterinarians. The InSpectra Tissue Spectrometer is an emerging technology that may help veterinarians rapidly and non-invasively identify patients with occult shock. The purpose of this study is to evaluate a goal-directed therapy protocol approach to canine patients in shock that includes tissue oxygen levels (StO2) as measured by the InSpectra Tissue Spectrometer. Data from this initial, Phase II trial will be used to inform design and development of a larger, Phase III trial.  

Description of the study: Dogs that meet 2 out of 3 inclusion criteria (systolic blood pressure <90mmHg, mean arterial pressure <60mmHg, shock index >1, lactate > 2.5 mmol/L) will be allocated to the control group or the study group depending on the treating veterinarian. The dogs in the control arm will receive standard of care clinician directed therapy. Dogs in the study arm will be monitored with the StO2 monitor and will receive an early goal directed therapy protocol. The study period ends on discharge from the emergency room (transfer to ICU or home), after 3 hours of treatment in the emergency room, or euthanasia/death.

Costs: The study will cover costs associated with the Appleful scoring system including a CBC, Chemistry, PT/PTT, blood pressure, FAST exam, lactate, and SpO2.

For more information on the study, contact Dr. Peterson or Dr. Hall above.


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