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Request a News Release

To best garner publicity for your news, event, award, achievement, or success story, please submit detailed information four to six weeks in advance. You also may provide digital photos in high resolution (300 dpi).

The following information should be included in a Word document e-mailed to Laurie Brickley at with any photographs attached.

  • Name of event
  • Featured speaker or performer
  • Time, date, and location
  • Ticket cost and where to buy (if applicable)
  • Contact information for the public
  • Contact person for follow-up by CVM Communications
  • For photos, include caption information that names each identifiable person pictured (from left to right), each person’s title, when and where the photo was taken, and what is happening in the photo.
For awards, recognitions, or achievements earned by students, faculty, and staff, please include:
  • Name(s) of the person or group to be recognized
  • Name of the award or the accomplishment achieved
  • Award presenters or sponsors
  • Background on the award, achievement, and recipient
  • Date and place the award was given or the achievement accomplished 




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