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Completing a Project

Projects accepted by CVM
Communications follow these steps:

1. You submit the online service request form.

2. A representative of CVM Communications contacts you to schedule a meeting.

3. You meet with a CVM Communications project coordinator to discuss the plan for completing the project.

4. You provide the following to the project coordinator:

• A completed service request form (printed)
• Electronic Microsoft Word document (and hard copy) for text (unless CVM Communications will be providing writing services).Text should be unformatted, with a single space after periods. Any charts or tables should be submitted as separate files.
• Digital photos in high resolution (300 dpi) for print and low resolution (72 dpi) for Web (unless we will be providing photography services)
• Any samples of the type of project desired
• Any additional background information and
existing URLs

CVM Communications edits the text for grammar, punctuation, usage, consistency, clarity, conciseness, and to adhere to University of Minnesota and Associated Press style. Text that will appear on the Web is edited for Web readability and accessibility. Fact-checking is your responsibility.

6. The edited text is provided to you for review. You discuss any questions or concerns about text changes with the project coordinator.

7. Projects do not move into design/production until you have reviewed and approved edits. Minor text changes to correct factual or typographical errors may be made within three days without delaying the project. All other changes may cause the project completion date to be delayed.

8. When the text has been finalized, the project is assigned to a designer who works with you on the project.
A design proof goes through an internal CVM Communications review process.

The design proof (PDF) is provided to you. You discuss any questions or concerns about the design with the project coordinator and/or designer and provide written approval of the design. Changes and delays in providing approval will cause the project completion date to be delayed.

11. Bids are solicited from printers for projects that exceed $5,000.

12. For print projects, the files are uploaded to University of Minnesota Printing Services or other printer, which generally require five working days to print. CVM Communications reviews proofs from the printer.

13. The completed project is delivered to you.



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