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The Dairy Education Center serves as a national leader in dairy continuing education for veterinarians, dairy professionals, and dairy managers. The facility allows veterinarians to merge theoretical and scientific information with a practical, observable application. Dairy producers are able to enhance their knowledge and skills in dairy production.

Courses can be developed and delivered by the college’s faculty or developed in collaboration with other entities such as pharmaceutical firms, feed companies, businesses and higher education partners.

The Center can offer organizations an atmosphere that promotes learning and a focus on the meeting content as well as valuable networking and idea-sharing among attendees. Our facilities include …

  • Three rooms to be configured for a variety of educational settings; accommodating 20 to 60 learners
  • Chute room offers participants excellent working conditions to gain technical skills with expert supervision
  • Wet lab set up for practicing hands-on skills such as artificial insemination, obstetrics, feed evaluation, foot trimming, mastitis care and much more
  • Accommodations include living quarters for 26, five full kitchens to allow for meal preparation to take place without interfering with meetings or coordination of catered meals, and a commons area which has a projector, video system, and wireless internet

Our staff is dedicated and motivated to provide groups the best experience possible. Please contact the Dairy Education Coordinator at (507)246-4009 to learn more about opportunities at the Center.

Visit the College of Veterinary Medicine's Continuing Education website for more continuing education opportunities - www.cvm.umn.edu/vetmedce/

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