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The Minnesota Urolith Center performs quantitative urolith analysis at NO COST.  Our service is supported in part by a generous educational gift from Hill's Pet Nutrition.  Vital support also comes from veterinarians and pet owners.   To support our service:  "Make a Gift".

Services:  We perform quantitative urolith analysis utilizing primarily optical crystallography and infrared spectroscopy.  See FAQ's for acceptable species and sample types.

On-line laboratory access offers:

  • Easy data entry.
  • Printable packing-slip and address label.
  • E-mail alerts of sample receipt and analysis completion.
  • Fast access to results.

Get started now at our Laboratory Access page. 

We DO NOT perform urolith cultures or histology   If these test are required, see http://www.cvm.umn.edu/vdl/ or U of MN Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory sample submission instructions.


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