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We now require electronic submission of information.  We are no longer accepting hand-filled submission forms.  Go to Laboratory Access to login or search for your clinic account by postal code. 

BENEFITS:  By submitting information online at urolithcenter.org you will receive email confirmation of sample receipt immediately upon package opening at our Center.  In addition, because the patient data is available electronically, in-lab turnaround time is decreased and results are available faster.  Data entry by the primary care team ensures capture of correct epidemiological data.  It also helps to minimize our expenses and sustain our service.  Thank You! 

History:  Urolith analysis has been provided at no cost thanks to Hill's Pet Nutrition and contributions from veterinarians and pet owners worldwide since 1981.  In an effort to streamline the process of urolith submission and reduce cost, in 2010, we developed the online submission and results retrieval system at urolithcenter.org.  After a six year acclimation period, in order to continue this service, we require electronic entry. 



Minnesota Urolith Center Submission/Analysis Form(PDF)



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