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Thank you for your interest in the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine! It is an exciting time to join the veterinary profession. In medicine, science, business, and agriculture, the demand for services has never been higher—and the importance of veterinary medicine has never been greater. Veterinarians care for companion and food animals, they protect the public’s health, they help protect endangered wildlife, and they are often the first responders when we face threats from emerging infectious diseases. They are small-business people, community leaders, neighbors, and friends. Veterinarians truly touch peoples’ lives every day.


The University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine has a reputation for excellence in both large and small animal medicine and is a leader in the study of infectious diseases, food safety, raptor conservation, and genomics. Established in 1947, the college has graduated more than 3,500 veterinarians and hundreds of scientists. The college is especially well known for its emphasis on experiential learning and giving students practical experience. Our clinical teaching program gives students hands-on practice in the Veterinary Medical Center, livestock production units in the field, private veterinary practices, public health and animal disease regulator agencies, and other veterinary medical institutions.

PUB/CVM/EDU/PomeroyFall  Office of Academic and Student Affairs
  108 Ben Pomeroy Student and Alumni Learning Center
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