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Doing Your Homework

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Doing Your Homework:  Where Do I Start? 
Considering the following  questions can help you to make a more informed decision about your experience abroad.  Doing your homework beforehand can alleviate many small stresses and make your overall experience a more rewarding one.  Click on any of the following for more information. 

Credit Requirements
Interests and Goals? 
Health and Safety?

Credit Requirements  
Would I study abroad for College credit?
It depends on which year of the D.V.M. program you are in currently. First through third year students generally complete study abroad experiences without receiving College credit. Students in their fourth year may receive externship, directed study, or RAOI (Rotation At Other Institution) credit for their experience abroad provided the program qualifies as a valid educational experience. 

Does the program satisfy college requirements?
Because the D.V.M. curriculum is structured, with didactic courses making up majority, experiences before the fourth year generally do not receive credit. An instance where students may receive credit is for a directed study supervised by a faculty member.  Fourth year experiences abroad, as long they are approved externships, can generally satisfy the fourth year rotation requirements. 

  Interests and Goals  
Does the program fit into my area(s) of interest? Would the program help me to fulfill my career goals? 
The College provides information on, but does not recommend, a variety of study abroad opportunities. It is important to figure out what your overall career goals are. If you are currently in your first, second, or third year, exploring a variety of opportunities may affect your future career decisions. Students select their track of study before beginning their third year. At this point, their didactic classes may start fulfilling prerequisite requirements for rotations that begin at the end of the third year and continue through fourth year. Tracks include studies in small animal, food animal, equine, mixed animal, and interdisciplinary. 

How long do I want to study abroad? What are my options with the programs that suit my interests? 
Length of time abroad is generally determined by the school year schedule. Students in their first, second, or third years will generally go abroad during the summer or during school breaks. Fourth year students doing rotations in two-week increments can schedule an international experience as part of their externship or RAOI requirement.

What is the cost of the program? Is there funding available from the College of Veterinary Medicine?
Costs vary widely depending on the location, nature, and length of time of the program. A variety of grants are available to students for international travel, although opportunities vary from year to year. Students are informed of these opportunities by the Academic and Student Affairs office as they become available. Past awards include third and fourth year scholarships presented at the spring awards banquet and general travel grants designated for specific years of study.  There are also many funding opportunities through the University of Minnesota's Office of International Programs.  In addition, do not underestimate the opportunities for funding from external sources such as corporations, government, scholarships, etc.  Doing your own research can provide a wealth of funding opportunities.  For information on writing successful grant applications, click here.   

Do I have a preferred region or country or is the nature of the program more important than its location? 
The location of your international program may or may not be of significance, depending on your area of interest and how the program integrates into your overall career goals. Many students simply choose international programs to obtain experience with species not native to this area of the world. Others, however, select experiences in countries where particular farming methods or research would provide a unique and valuable learning experience. There are also many schools around the world where University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine faculty have academic partnerships.  These connections, whether formal or informal, can assist in connecting students with international academic experiences. Go to C.V.M. Study Abroad Programs to get specific information on several programs by their location. 

  Health and Safety  
Are there safety issues to consider depending on where I decide to study/travel? 
If my destination is on the U.S State Department travel warning list, can I still study or work abroad there?
Safety issues are an important consideration when deciding where to study abroad.  The U.S. State Department website has a list of countries on the travel warning list, along with other up-to-date tips and considerations when going abroad.
If your destination is on the U.S. State Department travel warning list, you may still go to your planned destination pending required University approval by the Education Abroad Suspension Committee.  

Is housing arranged for me or do I have to make my own arrangements?  Can I choose where I will stay? 

Students live in a variety of housing while studying abroad.  Some programs include housing as part of the program, while others require the students to arrange their own.  Accomodations can vary widely throughout the world, so it is important to determine your personal preferences while researching your options to study abroad.  

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