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For Faculty

Hosting International Students
Developing International Exchange Agreements

Hosting International Students 
The College of Veterinary Medicine hosts a variety of international guests during various times in their careers. 

Insurance offered through Boynton Health Service is required of all international students and scholars at the University of Minnesota.  Other insurance coverage is not accepted.  Please go to for the International Students and Scholars Health Benefit Plan information.           

Students should not begin any program without first having contact with a faculty member and with the Academic and Student Affairs office.  In order to attend the College of Veterinary Medicine, students must be officially admitted.  It is important as a faculty member to contact Academic and Student Affairs to ensure students are admitted to the correct certificate program for correct fees to be assessed.   

Required Paperwork 
Several forms also must be submitted before students can begin any program within the College.  Please click here for copies of the required forms, along with instructions for each.      

Developing International Exchange Agreements 
The University has a written format and an approval process for all international exchange agreements.  Please go to for more information on University of Minnesota requirements.  Final proposals can be submitted to the College of Veterinary Medicine International Programs Coordinator, Kate Worley, located at:

Academic and Student Affairs Office
108 Pomeroy Center
(612) 624-9780        
Any questions, or a request for assistance, can also be directed to Karen Nelson.


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