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Study Abroad Programs

Study Abroad
If you are interested in studying abroad, the following programs are familiar to students at the University of Minnesota's College of Veterinary Medicine. Although the College does not sponsor any specific programs, several are revisited frequently by our students.

American Fondouk
The American Fondouk is operated by the MSPCA. Student opportunities vary, as the typical day consists of a variety of clients, including camelids, equine, and small animal, which are brought to the Fondouk for free veterinary care.


Wildlife Vets (also known as Afrivet)
Introduction Course in Conservation Medicine is one of several courses offered to introduce students to conservation medicine by offering a variety of hands-on opportunities to work with, diagnose, and treat African wildlife.

Bateleur Wilderness Safaris
BWS strongly supports environmental education and offers practical courses to suit a variety of groups, including those in the veterinary field. The experiences can vary, including opportunites to participate in game capture, tracking, research, and general bush skills and knowledge.

Brothers Safari, African Vet. Safaris
Offers wildlife immobilization and other specialty courses for those in animal-related careers to want a more in-depth look at wildlife and its relationship to veterinary science.  Dr. Brothers offers a variety of experiences and knowledge, including both pre-organized and tailor-made itineries.

The Elephant Hospital of Thai Elephant Conservation Center
Offers a variety of services to surrounding areas in a country where elephants are used as work animals. The hospital's objective is to “provide treatment to any elephant without charge.”

The goal of the Envirovet Summer Institute is to implement an efficient approach to ecosystem repair by bringing together scientists with varying backgrounds, perspectives and skills. 
The Summer 2007 Institute is titled "Terrestrial and Aquatic Wildlife and Exosystem Health Issues and Technques for the Developed World with Outreach to and Techniques for the Developing World."

RAVS (Rural Area Veterinary Service)
RAVS is one of many programs the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) provides. Opportunities vary, with opportunities both within the United States and internationally.

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