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Study Abroad

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The experience of study abroad can be extremely valuable in determining future career paths. The College of Veterinary Medicine can assist students in suggesting several programs, while some students opt to find programs on their own. If you are starting from scratch, remember that there are many resources available to help you to make an informed decision about your experience abroad.

Study Abroad Programs
There are several study abroad programs of
which the College is aware of and informed
about. These programs, although not exchange programs of the College, are popular because
of  their availability, overall reputation with students, and the experiences they provide. Students may also select their own opportunities provided that they receive permission from the College.

Faculty-led Programs                                              
CVM faculty provide opportunities for students to participate in faculty-led educational experiences abroad.  Experiences in recent years include studying public health in Western Europe and learning about eastern medicine in China and Korea.  Opportunities vary from year to year and credit opportunities for these programs differ, depending on the nature of the program.

Exchange Agreements
The College maintains exchange agreements with several institutions. The faculty member listed under each agreement is the key contact for obtaining initial program information.

Personal Experiences
Personal experiences of students who have studied abroad can give more firsthand information about specific programs. All students who have studied abroad for credit or who were funded by College sources are required to present a short seminar about their experiences.














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