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Travel Grants

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Travel Funding
Don't let cost deter you from considering
international experiences!  Many individuals,
businesses, and institutions, such as the
University of Minnesota College of Veterinary
Medicine, strongly recommend international
experiences as part of an overall education. 
Often, this translates into funding opportunities
to make international opportunities possible.

CVM International Programs Grants
The College of Veterinary Medicine International Programs offers a variety of funding opportunities for students planning veterinary experiences abroad. 
Click here for information about current opportunities accepting applications.

Other Funding Opportunities
The University of Minnesota's Office of International Programs (OIP) is an excellent resource for travel funding.  There are a variety of funding opportunities available on the OIP website for graduate and professional students.  Keep in mind that many grant applications are due at least a year or more before travel departure, and many of them have deadlines in February and March.  Therefore, it is wise to make plans ahead to be able to take full advantage of grant opportunities.

In addition, do not underestimate the opportunities for funding from external sources such as corporations, government, scholarships, etc.  Doing your own research can provide a wealth of funding opportunities.  For information on writing successful grant applications, click here.


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