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Saturday, May 10, 2014
10:00 am
Ted Mann Concert Hall

Ted Mann Concert Hall is located on the West Bank campus at 2128 4th Street South.

Please be aware beginning April 29th, there will be road construction taking place on W River Parkway, between 4th St. S and Franklin Ave. The road construction will range from intermittent lane closures to full road closure. Please allow for extra travel time when arriving at the venue.

  • From W River Parkway: take W River Parkway to 4th Street S. Follow 4th St. S to 21st Ave. S. Turn left on 21st and then immediately right into the 21st Avenue Parking Ramp to park.
  • From the east: Take I-94 westbound and take the Cedar Ave. exit. Turn right on Cedar then right on 3rd St. S. (3rd St. S is BEFORE you cross the Washington Avenue Bridge). Turn right on 19th Ave. S and then left on 4th St. S. Turn right on 21st Ave. S and then right into the 21st Avenue parking ramp to park.
  • From the west: Take I-94 eastbound and take the Riverside Ave. exit. At the end of the exit ramp turn right on to 25th Ave. S, then right on Franklin Ave., then right on Cedar Ave. Turn right on 3rd St. S. (3rd St. S is BEFORE you cross the Washington Avenue Bridge). Turn right on 19th Ave. s and then left on 4th St. S. Turn right on 21st Ave. S and then right into the 21st Avenue parking ramp to park.
  • From the north or south: Take 35W and exit at the Washington Ave. exit. Take Washington east towards Seven Corners. Turn left on 15th Ave. S, then right on to 19th Ave. S., then left on 4th St. S. Turn right on 21st Ave. S and then right into the 21st Avenue Parking ramp to park.

Parking is available in the 21st Avenue Ramp. Payment will be accepted upon entry via check or cash. The fee will be $6/car. Other ramps and surface lots on campus are also available for an hourly fee. Please pay close attention to the parking restrictions on campus so you do not receive a ticket. If you would like to drop off a guest before parking your vehicle, there is a drive up area at the front entrance to Ted Mann Concert Hall. There are four handicap parking spaces available at the front doors of Ted Mann Concert Hall as well. These spaces are on a first come, first served basis.

Commencement Ceremony Details

  • 9:15 am — Doors to Ted Mann open for guests
  • 9:15 am-9:30am — Students and faculty begin lining up
  • 9:30 am — All students and faculty are lined up
  • 10:00 am — Ceremony begins

Guests without tickets will not be allowed into the auditorium until all guests with tickets are seated. Seating is general admission unless previous arrangements have been made for special seating needs. There is a main level and two upper tiers, all of which provide a great view of the stage. The ceremony is expected to last for approximately two hours.

Immediately following the ceremony.


Degree Completion Checklist
Ensure that you have completed all processes to receive your degree by reviewing the 2013 Commencement Checklist (will be updated soon).

Dressing for the Occasion
Please dress comfortably for the ceremony. The robes tend to be warm so a sweater or suit coat is likely unnecessary. Please do not carry anything with you into the ceremony other than your hood and program. You may leave your personal items (purse, coat, etc.) with a family member or lockers are available to rent for $0.50 at the entrance to Ted Mann Concert Hall.

Arrival and Line-Up
Please arrive at Ted Mann between 9:15 am and 9:30 am and be ready to line up promptly at 9:30 am. There will be signs directing you to where you will be lining up. You will be lined up on both sides of the hallway. Lists will be posted denoting line-up order. Once you have lined up, please do not get out of line! We will hand you a program while you are standing in line. Carry your hood folded over your right arm, and place your tassel on the right side of your cap.

You will be led, double file, into the auditorium by the Dean, Regent, and faculty. As you reach your row, please move all the way across the row to the first empty seat. Remain standing until all graduates have entered their rows, and the Dean instructs you to be seated

Receiving your Diploma
At the appropriate time, you will be motioned to rise and proceed onto the stage. Proceed up the stairs and through the door on your left (stage right). Wait until your name is called to enter the stage. The faculty "hooders" will be waiting on stage to place your hood. Please approach a "hooder," hand him/her your hood, turn around and face the audience allowing the "hooder" to place your hood over your head (you may have to crouch down a bit). Once your hood has been placed, please proceed across the stage to the Dean to receive your diploma. Please remember to shake hands with each of the dignitaries on stage. After shaking hands, continue across the stage, and return to your seat.

Leaving the Hall
Once the ceremony is over, please allow the faculty to leave the stage and proceed down the aisles first. You will then file out single file, down the aisle that you entered on. The faculty will have lined up on each side of the aisles as a tribute to YOU! Please do not stop and talk, hug, or shake hands with the faculty as this will delay everyone's departure from the auditorium. Instead, please continue walking out into the lobby and away from the doors so that others will be able to exit the auditorium. The faculty will exit behind the students, and you will have a chance to greet them in the lobby.

Regalia Return
Herff Jones will be set up in the lobby of Ted Mann for return of your cap and gown. Please make sure that your regalia are returned immediately following the ceremony and that you cross your name off the list on the table. You may get billed again for your cap and gown if your name hasn't been crossed off the list. You may keep your tassel. Unless you are keeping your cap and gown, do not leave Ted Mann until you have returned your regalia.

Questions? – Contact Amanda Anderson or Violeta Bonneville.

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