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Attendance Policy

The College of Veterinary Medicine is charged with the preparation and confirmation of readiness of its students for practice in the veterinary profession. As a part of this charge, we expect that students demonstrate professional behavior in keeping with the Principles of Veterinary Medical Ethics and the Guidelines for Professional Behavior as described by the Judicial Council of the American Veterinary Association (1996). Adherence to collegiate policies for attendance, examination and the honor code are considered to be an essential demonstration of the capacity of a student for independent ethical behavior in the profession. The following policies outline the expectations of the college for students and faculty regarding attendance and examination.

Attendance Policies - Pre-Clinical Classes

Student Responsibilities

  1. Students are expected to attend all scheduled classes and instructional sessions (field experience, autotutorials, etc.) unless they are specifically identified as optional (e.g., optional review sessions, optional special topics, etc.) by the instructor. Should an absence be necessary in a required class or instructional session, the student will be held responsible for all material presented in that class (course content or announcements about course procedures, votes, etc.), whether or not the material is included in notes or other printed material.
  2. Students must be available for pre-clinical classes (Years 1-3) between 8am and 5pm, Monday through Friday. Supplemental review (elective) or rescheduled classes may be scheduled by a faculty member during designated non-contact/rounds time on an as needed basis. Any required activities on Saturday or Sunday will be specifically identified in the course syllabus or scheduled at least 2 weeks in advance.

Faculty Responsibilities

  1. Faculty who wish to rearrange a class during previously scheduled non-contact time must give students 1 week notice or receive a 2/3 majority (> 2/3 of students eligible to vote) approval from the class. Review sessions may be scheduled by a faculty member with a minimum of 3-day's notice or a 2/3 majority class approval.
  2. Faculty who add or reschedule classes must notify the Office of Academic Affairs within 24 hours of the time the new class is rescheduled so that it may be added to the college calendar.
  3. Faculty may not add additional hours of required class time once the schedule is set without approval from the Committee on Curriculum and Educational Policy. Elective classes for review may be added with notification of students and the Office of Academic Affairs as described above.
  4. Faculty will not include new required course material for which all students will be held responsible in an optional class time (e.g., optional review sessions, optional special topics, etc.).
  5. Faculty may require attendance in their class, but must so indicate in the syllabus provided within the first week of class. Implications of attendance on grading must also be indicated in the syllabus (e.g.., % grade based on attendance, potential for pop quizzes and % of grade, etc.).

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