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2008 Summer Scholars

StudentMentorResearch project

Olutokumbo Adebusuyi,
Florida A&M

Will Hueston

Veterinary public health

Laura Aylesworth,
First year

Micky Trent

Antibiotic use and pathogenic organism distribution within the animal services building at Como Zoo

Alexandra Bianco,
First year

Stephanie Valberg

Epidemiology of a perplexing neuromuscular disorder in horses

Greg Closter,
First year

Catherine St. Hill

The role of carbohydrates in carcinoma metastasis

Amalie DiMiceli,
Second year

Vicki Wilke

Analyzing candidate genes for association to the cranial cruciate ligament rupture in Newfys

Kaitlyn Dynes,
First year

Mark Rutherford

Equine recurrent uveitis

Melissa Erickson,
Second year

Maxim Cheeran

Examing the role of T-regulatory cells on the neural stem cell proliferation and differentiation

Kaitlyn Inhoff,
First year

Pam Skinner

Surrogate markers in blood to diagnose prion disease prior to onset of clinical symptoms

Mackenzie Leigh Jones,
Second year

Cindy Wolf

Validation of ELISA in the detection of Coxiella burnetii and application to the seroprofile of sheep

Kelly Keating,
First year

Ned Patterson

Genetic basis of canine neurological disease

Derek Korpela,
First year

Catherine St. Hill

The role of C2-O-sLex in selectin binding and metastatic activity of canine carcinoma cells

Angela Lockhart,
First year

Jim Mickelson

The genetic basis of polysaccharide storage myopathy in diverse horse breeds

Kate O'Conor,
Second year

Bert Stromberg

Anthelmintic resistance in sheep and goats in Minnesota

Andrea Parrish,
Second year

Jeff Bender

The role of therapy dogs in the transmission of methicillin resistant Staph aureus in hospital settings

Jill Schappa,
First year

Jaime Modiano

Targeting VEGF receptors in hemangiosarcoma

Megan Schrupp,
First year

Sandra Godden

Effect of vaccinating pre-weaned dairy calves on cell-mediated immune function

Sara Shepard,
First year

Timothy Johnson

Characterization of bacterial plasmids encoding multidrug resistance in production animals

Kara Theis,
Second year

Tom Molitor

In vivo imaging of the effects of pro-biotics and herbal extracts on the immune system

Michelle Verant,
Second year

Katey Pelican

Developing non-invasive steroid monitoring in raptors


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