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2010 Summer Scholars

Project Title
Maggie BoernerMorrisonPRRS sampling at collection points
Jon ClaytonJohnsonElucidating and reducing enterocolitis in captive and wild non-human primates
Felice CuomoMcCueInfluences of multiple genetic risk factors in equine recurrent uveitis
Dane GoedeMorrisonUse of infrared thermography to detect peracute viral infection in pigs
Jaimi JohnsonDuxburyBehavioral factors associated with successful adoption of pit bull dogs from an animal shelter
Mike LillaMurtaughMaternal transmission of PCV 2 from sow to piglet
Kaylee MyhreAbela-RidderThe disease burden of leptospriosis
Elissa SchlueterDeeEvaluation of application of a PRRSV modified live virus vaccine for the reduction of viral transmission
Diana SchwartzMickelsonGenetic basis of polyneuropathy in Leonbergers
Kari SearcyDickersonTargeted blockade of endothelin A receptor in canine hemangiosarcoma: Examination of antitumor effects and potential for therapeutic application
Megan SlamkaMcCuePositive selection for a glycogen synthase 1 mutation in the domestic horse
Grant TomscheDeeAerosol vaccination with ingelvac PRRS ATP MLV in weaned pigs
Mary WoodMoonPopulation dynamics of Culex tartalis the principal West Nile virus vector mosquito in Minnesota


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