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2012 Summer Scholars

Katie AndersonDr. Jaime ModianoThe Role of IL-8 in Hemangiosarcoma Growth and Differentiation
Laura BarsnessDr. Maxim CheeranThe influence of inflammatory cells on neural stem cells following herpes simplex encephalitis
Mitchell BellrichardDr. Dan KaufmanA Novel Reporter System to Identify the Osteogenic Progenitor Cells from Embryonic Stem Cells
Danielle BottingDr. Peter DaviesStaphylococcus aureus enterotoxins in swine and retail pork
Ashley ChircoDr. Fernando SamPedroSurvival and growth patterns of antibiotic resistant versus pansusceptible non-STEC E. coli strains in different environments
Jon DeanDr. Srinand SreevatsanCharacterization of GI microbiome and host immune response in spontaneous canine IBD
Megan DuckettDr. Julia PonderEvaluation of a sustained-release formulation of Vitamin K
Cristina HartnettDr. John CollisterNeural Components of Myocardial Infarction Induced Heart Failure
Christina HillDr. Montse TorremorellEvaluation of sampling strategies to diagnose influenza virus in pre-weaned pigs
Amy KinsleyDr. Meggan CraftThe ecology of eastern equine encephalitis virus in wildlife and mosquitoes in Minnesota
Andrew KryzerDr. Sandra GoddenEffect of using a Novel Method to Heat-Treat Small Volumes of Bovine Colostrum
Tali McNeilDr. Jim MickelsonGenetic Basis of the Flaxen Phenotype in Horses
Erica MerrillDr. Jaime ModianoMechanisms of Cancer Targeting Through the Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor
Kathleen NeshekDr. Patrick RedigAssessing Changes in Stress During Rehabilitation in Six Species of Wild Raptors Using Heterophil to Lymphocyte Ratios
Andrea PetersonDr. Robert MorrisonEffect of oral Vitamin D supplementation on antibody response to PRRS virus
Frances PhanDr. Tim JohnsonUnderstanding the Evolution of Multidrug Resistance-Encoding Plasmids
Colin ReichDr. Michael ConzemiusComparison of immunomodulatory potential of canine stromal vascular fraction and cultured adipose derived stem cells
Carolyn RobbinsDr. Patrick RedigSerological analysis of Newcastle virus exposure in raptors and waterfowl
Alexandra RolandDr. Cathy CarlsonReduced osteoarthritis severity in aged MIF knockout mice
Tim RozendaalDr. Meri FirpoIdentification of a Role for p53 in the Death of Beta Cells in Type 2 Diabetes by Apoptosis
Sarah StaffordDr. Katey PelicanDisease prevalence in small mammals across a vegetative successional gradient: Using long-term ecological research sites to better understand the ecology of disease



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