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Participants in the Summer Scholars Program

2013 Summer Scholars



Samantha Beeson

Dr. Molly McCue Transcriptome analysis of normal equine laminar tissue
Sophia Bellekom

Dr. Jim Mickelson

Leukoencephalomyelopathy in Leonberger dogs
Mitchell BellrichardDr. John CollisterCritical role of ROS in the median preoptic nucleus in the development of heart failure
Holly BellrichardDr. Alice LarsonEffect of inflammation and stress on pain
Ashley ChircoDr. Fernando SamPedroEvaluation of bacteriophages to inactivate antibiotic-resistant shiga toxigenic E. coli non-O157:H7 strains on food matrices
Sharon DekkerDr. Molly McCue

Analyzing whole genome sequences to unravel the genetic basis of recurrent exertional rhabdomyolysis in standardbred horses

Megan DuckettDr. Meggan CraftDomestic dogs as sentinels for anthrax exposure
Molly FriedemannDr. Jim MickelsonMolecular genetic bases of disease traits in dogs
Anne HoybookDr. Michael MurtaughCharacterization of age-related macrophage permissivity to porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus
Roland LefebvreDr. Michael ConzemiusSurgical interventions in canine bone repair
Frances PhanDr. Jaime ModianoMolecular mechanisms that drive osteosarcoma progression
Carolyn RobbinsDr. Patrick RedigSerological evidence of pathogenic Paramyxoviruses circulating in wild birds in upper midwest
Angela SandersonDr. Alice LarsonIs depression a result of faulty thermoregulation?
Elizabeth SchnabelDr. Julia PonderEstablish normal coagulation reference ranges in several species of raptors
Peter SebastianDr. Julia PonderDeveloping a tool for assessing immunotoxicology in bald eagles
Miranda ShawDr. Patrick RedigRaptor hematological parameters
Casey SleznikowDr. Meggan CraftEcology of eastern equine encephalitis in mosquitoes and wildlife in Minnesota
Rachel SpencerDr. Erin DickersonRole of CSF-1Rhigh cells in drug resistance in canine hemangiosarcoma
Megan ThompsonDr. Sandra GoddenSupplementing poor quality colostrum with a colostrum replacer: effects on passive transfer of IgG and calf health
Chris ThomsonDr. Liz PluharUnderstanding and enhancing mechanisms of priming in cancer immunotherapy
Natalie WatsonDr. Michelle WilletteNovel strategies and tools for monitoring wildlife health - characterization of wildlife rehabilitation data
Benjamin WierDr. Michael MurtaughSerologic survey of US swine herds to determine prevalance of exposure and infection with PCV2



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