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Expenses and Financial Aid

Estimated Cost of Attendance

To estimate your costs for the academic year:

  1. Click here. This will take you to OneStop's Cost of Attendance page.
  2. Under the heading, "Your student profile," choose the following from the drop-down boxes:
    1. Academic year: Choose the academic year for which you would like to estimate your costs. Please note: Tuition rates are set at the beginning of each fiscal year, July 1, prior to the start of fall term classes.
    2. Residency: Choose which tuition rate you will be receiving.
      1. For up to five slots per year in veterinary medicine, the state of North Dakota and/or student will pay an amount equal to 75% of the non-resident tuition rate. For all additional slots, the state of North Dakota and/or student will pay the non-resident tuition rate. North Dakota applicants must complete a separate application to be considered for these slots. Please contact Peggy Wipf at the North Dakota University System at for more details.
      2. Students from South Dakota are eligible for the Minnesota resident tuition rate.
    3. Enrollment: Choose 'Veterinary Medicine'
  3. Your estimated costs will appear below the drop-down boxes.

Please note: Veterinary students pay an additional term of tuition for the summer semester between their third and fourth academic year.

If you have any questions about determining your estimated cost of attendance, please email us.

Application Deposit

Applicants who are offered admission and intend to enroll must make a non-refundable deposit of $500. This deposit is applied to the first semester's tuition.

Financial Aid

Financial aid for D.V.M. students is administered by the Office of Student Finance at the University of Minnesota. OneStop counselors can assist you with questions and concerns about financial aid, available by phone (612-624-1111), or email. You may also visit the OneStop Financial Aid Basics page for more information.

The University of Minnesota utilizes the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as its needs analysis form. FAFSA forms are available after January 1 each year for the coming academic year beginning in September. The code number for the University of Minnesota is 003969. Students applying for financial aid will receive an electronic Financial Aid Award Notice (eFAAN) with the details of their financial aid package in July via email.

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