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2014 China Dairy Conference - Organized by the University of Minnesota
2014中国奶牛业大会 - 由美国明尼苏达大学举办

The University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine is proud to announce the organizing of the first China Dairy Conference on November 3-4 in Beijing, China. The event is organized in response to the rapid development of Chinese dairy industry and the demand for knowledge and solutions to the complex challenges facing dairy production and management in China. The University of Minnesota has a long history in leading international educational programs. One successful example is, for the first time, bringing the Leman Swine Conference into China in 2012. The past two Leman China Swine Conferences have been very well received by Chinese swine producers and veterinarians.

The College has a strong faculty team engaged in dairy research and extension program. In 2011, the College, in collaboration with its partners, developed and hosted the first ever National Center of Excellence in Dairy Veterinary Medicine. The Center provides advanced training to senior veterinary students focusing on dairy production medicine. Since 1981, the College has been organizing the Minnesota Dairy Health Conference. The mission of the conference is to provide a world-class dairy continuing education event for dairy veterinarians, dairy industry professionals, and dairy producers. The conference's program strives to present the latest developments in dairy management with focus on udder health, reproductive performance and management, transition cow biology and management, youngstock management, and profitability and sustainability. The China Dairy Conference will carry the same mission with specific focus on China helping Chinese dairy producers to make profitable decisions. The roster of speakers include internationally renown researchers with years of service to the dairy industry across the USA and internationally.

The China Dairy Conference welcomes sponsors to support this important event. For more information about sponsorships and benefits, please contact: dairyCN@umn.edu

Our Chinese website is: http://www.dairychina.com.cn/


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明尼苏达大学兽医学院有一个强大的从事奶牛业研究和推广的师资团队。2011年,学院与其合作伙伴共同创办了首个位于明尼苏达州的奶牛兽医学国家培训中心。该中心为奶牛兽医方向的高年级兽医学生提供高端培训。自1981年以来,学院就开始举办了明尼苏达州奶牛健康大会。会议的宗旨是为奶牛兽医,奶牛行业的专业人士,以及奶牛生产商提供世界一流的继续教育。会议努力展现奶牛业管理的最新发展,专注于奶牛乳房健康,繁殖性能和管理,围产期生物学和管理,小牛管理,盈利能力和可持续发展。正在筹办的中国奶牛业大会将秉承同样的宗旨并着眼于中国市场,以帮助中国奶牛生产企业做出可盈利的决策。演讲嘉宾是来自美国和世界各地的知名的研究人员和专家, 他们具有多年奶牛行业从业经验。

中国奶业大会欢迎赞助商对此重要活动的加盟和支持。关于赞助和相关福利的更多信息,请联系: dairyCN@umn.edu



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