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The iCOMOS is an international conference hosted by the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine, Academic Health Center and the Office of the Vice President for Research in partnership with allied national and international agencies. It serves as a global forum for: communication of current, groundbreaking science that addresses pressing issues at the interface of animals, humans and the environment; facilitating increased international collaboration aimed at addressing the threat of emerging zoonotic diseases, food- and water-borne pathogens, food systems, and challenges in environmental health; and engagement between health policy makers and pertinent scientific experts on issues of high importance to animal, human and environmental health.


In its inaugural year iCOMOS is focused on infectious agents and diseases at the nexus of veterinary public health, comparative medicine and ecosystem health. It explores the science of animal health in complex environments from molecular/cellular interactions to ecosystem/landscape levels. This meeting, to be held April 27-30, 2014 at The Commons Hotel in Minneapolis, MN, USA, will provide a valuable forum for understanding the SCIENCE behind One Health, and will be of interest to animal healthcare veterinarians, human healthcare professionals, infectious disease scientists, public health specialists, and policy experts in agriculture, environment and health.

Critical issues will be examined in the context of:

  • Medical progress and solutions to complex infectious diseases.
  • Pathogen emergence and evolution at the animal-human-environment interface.
  • Balancing food safety, animal welfare and antibiotic resistance.

Conference Themes include:

  • Role of Science in Solving Emerging Health Threats at the Interface
    • Science of Disease Recognition at the Human-Animal-Environment Interface
    • Evolving Solutions to Changing Infectious Disease Horizon
  • Alignment of Safe Food, Sustainable Production, and Consumer Attitudes
    • Grand Challenges of Food Production 
    • Grand Challenges in Food Safety 
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