iCOMOS 2016

April 24-27, 2016

University of Minnesota - Minneapolis, Minnesota

The iCOMOS is an international conference hosted by the University of Minnesota, in partnership with allied national and international agencies. It serves as a global forum to communicate the importance of science in solving pressing health issues at the interface of humans, animals and the environment; to facilitate interdisciplinary, international collaborations embracing economics, health, and science; and to inform public policy development that is necessary for advancing human health, providing nutritious food, and preserving our shared habitat.

In its second meeting, iCOMOS will focus on the roles of medicine and science in finding solutions to complex environmental health challenges, including water and air that require multidisciplinary team approaches combining science, economics, and health policy at national and international levels. We will examine the science behind major air-related diseases and overall health, as well as the human and economic consequences of these diseases. The fundamental need for water of quality and quantity to sustain health becomes increasingly difficult to fulfill as populations grow, human land use expands, and water patterns shift due to climate change. The problem facing policymakers is compounded by the fact that human, animal, and environmental health must be considered in making water policy, but each are measured by different standards. Relevant knowledge to inform water policies is often inexact or disputed, thus increasing the challenge to achieving desirable health and economic consequences. Likewise, the health of air-breathers is inextricably linked to the quality and composition of air linking humans, animals, and plants. It is essential to determine the interactions of human activities, animal metabolism, and plant biology on health outcomes. The conference and workshops will be of interest to human and animal healthcare professionals, trainees, environmental scientists, public health and chronic disease specialists, and policy experts in health, agriculture, food, and environmental affairs.

Scientific themes of iCOMOS-2016
  • Interaction of health and the environment: looking for science-based solutions, including public or population health versus personalized medicine and respiratory diseases associated with environmental exposures
  • Science informing public policy and economics of health, including water at the interface of health, economics, and environment and the role of science in formulation of local and global health policy
Concurrent workshops addressing solution and implementation opportunities

Team Science and the Physician-Scientist (workforce development)
Sponsors: University of Minnesota and National Institutes of Health, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

One Health One Policy: Development of a Consortium
Sponsors: University of Minnesota and Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Socio-economics of One Health: Policy and Development
Sponsors: University of Minnesota, Latin American organizations

Canine and Human Epilepsy: A Case for Bidirectional Benefits
Sponsors: University of Minnesota, Mayo Clinic, National Institutes of Health, Epilepsy Foundation 

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