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Coordinating a course that is taught by a variety of instructors can be very challenging. Both faculty and students may express concerns regarding the coverage, assessment, and overall mastery of critical content/competencies. Adding to the mix are increasingly diverse student needs. The PACE Vet Med Program has been designed to address these concerns. 


In concert with the University’s CVM mission to improve the health and well-being of animals and people by providing high-quality education, the primary purpose of PACE Vet Med is to promote and enhance excellence in course design and teaching. A major focus of this program is the facilitation of courses taught by several instructors. PACE Vet Med helps faculty to design effective, cohesive instruction that stimulates high quality learning for students. 


The primary outcome of this program is to promote and enhance teaching effectiveness to increase significant, meaningful student learning. Objectives to meet this outcome include: 

  • Develop syllabi, in accordance with University and CVM polices, cohesively consistent between and among class sessions and instructors
  • Design and effectively deliver high quality instruction to engage all students
  • Develop course content, materials, resources, assessments and evaluations highly       consistent between and among class sessions and instructors 

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