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Guiding Principles

Based on Peer Review of Teaching: A Sourcebook, by N. Chism, and suggestions from CVM’s Peer Review Subcommittee, the following six general guiding principles were emphasized throughout the development of CVM’s peer review system:

  1. Peer review takes time (i.e., meeting to confer with the person under review, observation, and review of materials) and must be time-efficient.
  2. Formative review is collaborative, positive, and validating, helping to build toward the goal of fostering improved teaching. It is not intended to be punitive or to be used against anyone. It may begin with asking the person who is undergoing review what he or she needs.
  3. Good professors/teachers are made not born.
  4. Peer review conferencing is based on reasoning and options, not bias or judgments.
  5. Peer review focuses on specific teaching behaviors/materials (i.e., syllabus, handouts, student engagement, teaching strategies, organization, clarity in teaching, etc.)
  6. Feedback is timely, thoughtful, constructive, and helpful.


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