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Active Learning Classroom Resources

Overview and Implementation

The Traditional Classroom vs. The Learner-Centered Classroom Chart

Introduction to Active and Cooperative Learning

Active Learning Overview - University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey

Flipped Classroom Field Guide

Active Learning/Processing Strategies

Active Learning Strategies - Western Washington University

Classroom Activities for Active Learning

Engaging Students - University of Delaware



From Teaching to Learning: A New Paradigm for Undergraduate Education - Robert B. Barr and John Tagg

Harvard Conference Seeks to Jolt University Teaching - Dan Berrett

"It's Not You, It's the Room": Are the High-Tech, Active Learning Classrooms Worth It? - Sehoya Cotner, Jessica Lopez, J.D. Walker, and D. Christopher Brooks

Teaching that Sticks - Chip Heath and Dan Heath

Clicking with Large Classes - Karen Kelsky

Learning Spaces Involving Faculty to Improve Pedagogy - Joan K. Lippincott

Twilight of the Lecture - Eric Mazur

Farewell, Lecture? - Eric Mazur

Where's the Evidence that Active Learning Works? - Joel Michael

Active Learning Strategies in Face to Face Courses - Barbara J. Millis

Impact of the Provision and Timing of Instructor-Provided Noes on University Students' Learning - Sharon A. Raver and Ann S. Maydosz

Focusing on Active, Meaningful Learning - Ann Stalheim-Smith



Interactive Teaching - Eric Mazur

Confessions of a Converted Lecturer - Eric Mazur


CVM Seminars

Teaching in the Active Learning Classroom - Dr. Mike White | Presentation Slides

Learning to Love Active Learning Classrooms - Dr. Sehoya Cotner

Using Multimedia Tools to Enhance Online Instruction and Peer Group Interactions - Nima Salehi
Presentation Slides

Activities/Strategies Instructors can use to Enhance Intercultural Learning, Especially in Large Classes (100+) - Barbara Kappler and Gayle Woodruff

Using Learning Technologies for Engagement and Achievement - Dr. David Arendale

Freeing up Time for Active Learning: Videos and Active Learning - Dr. Frank Williiams
 | Notable Software for Mobile Platforms

Using a Case-Based Teaching Format - Dr. Leslie Sharkey

Homework Example | Homework Example Key | Chem Table Format Template | Chem Table Student Example 1 | Chem Table Student Example 2

The Consequences of Pedagogy and Space: New Empirical Research in Active Learning Environments - Drs. J.D. Walker and D. Christopher Brooks
 | Presentation Slides

But I'm Giving Up Lecture Time! Alternative Teaching Methods for Pathology - Drs. Rob Porter, Erik Olson, and Deb Wingert

Helping Student Learn to Learn by Not Over-Teaching a Topic - Drs. Sue Wick and David Matthes

Learning in Groups - Jeff Lindgren

Teaching with Case Studies Using Moodle - Dr. Molly McCue

Active Learning Classrooms: Teaching More, Talking Less - Dr. Robin Wright

Selecting and Developing Critical Thinking - Dr. Nathan Kuncel

Team-Based Learning - Dr. Erin Malone


Resources and References

Cone of Learning

Paradigm Chart

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