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What is VetPAC and why do we need it?

College of Veterinary Medicine faculty have reported spending significant amounts of time helping struggling students.  In an effort to both reduce faculty time in student remediation and increase academic student support, CVM now provides a free, peer assisted coaching service, VetPAC. Designed to enhance student learning (not a teaching alternative!), VetPAC provides specific academic assistance for students by arranging one-on-one (or in small groups of 2-3) tutoring to improve CVM competencies, study and time management skills. 

How does VetPAC work?

VetPAC provides free academic support by pairing a struggling student with another CVM student, who is currently excelling or that excelled in the course earlier.

What should I do with a student who is struggling in my course?

Contact Dr. Peggy Root with the name of the struggling student(s).  Also share the name of 1-3 students, who are currently excelling or have previously excelled in your course in the past year.  We have a small pool of previously identified coach so it’s not crucial for you to identify an excelling student, but if you know of one, that would be helpful. Dr. Root will contact the students to both make arrangements for the student(s) having difficulty to receive peer-assisted coaching. She will also check potential new coaches for availability and interest in coaching. 

Do the peer-assisted coaches receive any training or salary?

Peer-assisted coaches received brief training and also receive the routine student worker hourly pay for their tutorial assistance.  They meet with the student being coached for 1-2 hours weekly at a designated time. Meeting space is also provided in the Vet Med Library (450 Vet Sci). Sessions are monitored and evaluated by student being coached, coaches, and Dr. Root.


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