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CMB 8371

Mucosal Immunobiology

Credits:  3 credits

Grading: A-F or S/N

Prerequisites:  MICa8001 or equivalent or consent of instructor

Course Coordinator:  Dr. Mark Herzberg (Oral Biology);  Dr. Mark Rutherford, Dept. of Veterinary and Biomed. Sci.; is the CMB contact faculty.

Course Description:  This is an advanced immunology course that will focus on host immune processes at body surfaces.  The effector function of immune cells and products at mucosal sites is often quite different than what occurs systemically.  Emphasis will be placed on innate and adaptive immunity at mucosal surfaces, interactions and responses of various mucosal tissues to pathogens, and current approaches being used to target protective vaccination to mucosal tissues.  The course will utilize a combination of didactic lecture paired with a journal club format to introduce each topic and to investigate current understanding.

Statement of Objectives:  The overlapping objectives for this course are 1) provide a solid understanding of mucosal immunity; 2) to familiarize the student with unique aspects of immunity at different surfaces; 3) to address current vaccination issues; and 4) to delineate anatomical differences in mucosal tissues.

Course Assignments: Students will be responsible for reading journal articles, including presentation and leading discussion of selected research articles.  A written review (10 pages maximum) of selected topic in mucosal immunology will be required.  An NIH format research proposal (10 pages maximum) on selected problem will be prepared by each student.

Evaluation Procedures:  Students are graded based on class participation, article review, and research proposal preparation.  Grading: > 90% = A; 80-89% = B; 70-79% = C; 60-69% = D; < 60 = F

Text and Reference Materials:  No required text; selected readings as determined by instructor.

Supplementary Information:  Cross-listed course with Oral Biology (OBio) and Microbiology, Immunology, and Cancer Biology (MICa) graduate programs.

Scholastic Dishonesty and Plagiarism:
Students are responsible for knowing the University of Minnesota, Board of Regents' policy on student conduct and scholastic dishonesty:
Scholastic dishonesty as defined in the policy and will be reported to the Office of Student Judicial Affairs: and will result in a grade of "F" or "N" for the entire course.  Plagiarism is an important element of this policy.  It is defined as the presentation of another's writing or ideas as your own.  Serious, intentional plagiarism will result in a grade of "F" or "N" for the entire course.  For more information on this policy and for a helpful discussion of preventing plagiarism, please consult University policies and procedures regarding academic integrity: Students are urged to be careful that they properly attribute and cite others' work in their own writing.  For guidelines for correctly citing sources, go to and click on “Citing Sources”.  In addition, original work is expected in this course.  It is unacceptable to hand in assignments for this course for which you receive credit in another course unless by prior agreement with the instructor.  Building on a line of work begun in another course or leading to a thesis, dissertation, or final project is acceptable.  If you have any questions, consult the instructor.

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