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CMB 8560

Research and Literature Reports

Credits: 1 credit

Grading: A-F or S/N

Prerequisites: Enrollment in a Graduate Program or consent of instructor

Course Coordinator: Rotating Faculty as determined by topic; Director of Graduate Studies, CMB Graduate Program is the contact person.

Course Description:  The course utilizes current research literature to provide a detailed comprehension in various biomedical topic areas.  Students will read and discuss selected, cutting-edge research publications in order to gain knowledge of a given field of study or biological process. Topics are selected yearly.  Alternatively, students in the CMB Graduate Program can gain up to one credit for journal club activities directly related to their own research project, with prior approval by the Program Advisory Committee.

Statement of Objectives: The purpose of the course is to provide a forum to learn about the latest laboratory-based research being conducted in a specific topic area.  Students are expected to display an increased understanding of a research problem and to become familiar with current technical approaches and animal models used by researchers in the field. 

Course Assignments: Reading of assigned journal articles and leading discussion of selected articles as determined by the instructor.

Evaluation Procedures: Students will be evaluated based on their level of participation in class discussion and on the level of comprehension they display.  Students will also be graded based on the clarity of the discussions for which they are the leading presenters.

Text and Reference Materials: Selected readings as determined by the instructors.

Supplementary Information: Students in the CMB Graduate Program are required to accumulate at least one CMB8560 credit.  A maximum of two credits can be applied toward the degree requirements in CMB, of which no more than 1 credit will be given for laboratory or independently run journal clubs.

Scholastic Dishonesty and Plagiarism:
Students are responsible for knowing the University of Minnesota, Board of Regents' policy on student conduct and scholastic dishonesty:
Scholastic dishonesty as defined in the policy and will be reported to the Office of Student Judicial Affairs: and will result in a grade of "F" or "N" for the entire course.  Plagiarism is an important element of this policy.  It is defined as the presentation of another's writing or ideas as your own.  Serious, intentional plagiarism will result in a grade of "F" or "N" for the entire course.  For more information on this policy and for a helpful discussion of preventing plagiarism, please consult University policies and procedures regarding academic integrity: Students are urged to be careful that they properly attribute and cite others' work in their own writing.  For guidelines for correctly citing sources, go to and click on “Citing Sources”.  In addition, original work is expected in this course.  It is unacceptable to hand in assignments for this course for which you receive credit in another course unless by prior agreement with the instructor.  Building on a line of work begun in another course or leading to a thesis, dissertation, or final project is acceptable.  If you have any questions, consult the instructor.


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