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DVM/PhD Degree

The Comparative and Molecular Biosciences and Veterinary Medicine programs offer a dual degree program, the D.V.M./Ph.D. Extensive information about the D.V.M./Ph.D. program is found below. 

D.V.M./Ph.D.  Program
The most significant discoveries in medicine result from collaboration between the basic sciences and clinical medicine. Clinician scientists play a unique role in this process. We seek students who are intelligent, enthusiastic, and have a passion for science. Our D.V.M./Ph.D. graduates will become the leaders in veterinary health, animal agricultural sciences, and biomedical research.

The combined degree program at the College of Veterinary Medicine is the only formal D.V.M./Ph.D. training program that offers rigorous training for careers at the interface between basic science and veterinary medicine. The challenging curriculum requires completion of all professional degree requirements as well as further graduate study and bench research leading to completion of a Ph.D. thesis. The College is part of the Academic Health Center of the University of Minnesota and is located in a major metropolitan area. This alignment with medical sciences provides for broad training in mechanisms of health and disease and facilitates interdisciplinary interactions. Moreover, the Veterinary Medical Center is one of the nation's largest and most modern veterinary health facilities. Thus, our students are uniquely prepared for academic or industrial careers in veterinary medical sciences.

This program offers several options for completing the requirements for both degrees. All students must first be accepted into the professional D.V.M. program prior to consideration for the Ph.D. training program. Only students with outstanding grades and prior research experience are accepted.

There are two options for meeting the dual degree requirements:

Concurrent dual degree option: Students who select this option will complete their first two years of the D.V.M. curriculum prior to entry into the graduate program. Following completion of the Ph.D. thesis requirements, students return to the professional curriculum. Students are selected based on GPA and participation in summer research within the College of Veterinary Medicine following their first and second year of professional degree studies.
Sequential dual degree option: Students currently within the professional program are selected based on GPA and participation in summer research within the College of Veterinary Medicine following their first and second year of professional degree studies. However, students who select this option will first complete the requirements for the D.V.M. degree prior to beginning their graduate studies.

Financial Aid
Support during the graduate training portion of the combined degree program is provided by their advisor.  Successful D.V.M./Ph.D. students are provided tuition remission in the third and fourth years of the professional curriculum based on completion of the research requirements for the Ph.D. thesis. Students completing degree requirements using the sequential option are provided a higher stipend during their Ph.D. study.

Current and Recent Combined Degree Students
The dual degree option accepts only the most capable of students. Scientific training will lead to a career as an independent investigator in industry, clinician scientist, or academic veterinarian. Our current students and alumni include:

Meggan Bandrick- Ph.D. awarded Fall 2010. Meggan is currently finishing her D.V.M. requirements.
Laurie Brewer—D.V.M. awarded Spring 2006; Ph.D. in CMB awarded Summer 2004. Dr. Brewer is practicing in Maryland.
Jonathan (Brent) Clayton - current CMB Ph.D student
Laura Janke —D.V.M. awarded Spring 2006; Ph.D. in CMB awarded Fall 2004. Dr. Janke is currently an Assistant Member on the St. Jude Faculty.
Kari Ekenstedt—D.V.M. awarded Spring 2005; Ph.D. awarded Summer 2010. Dr. Ekenstedt is currently a post-doctoral researcher at the U of MN.
Aric Frantz - current CMB Ph.D. student
Kimberley Ham—D.V.M. awarded Spring 2005; Ph.D. in CMB awarded Summer 2003. Dr. Ham is a study director at Integra Group.
Olivia Kilian - currently completing D.V.M. requirements.
Sara Shepard - current CMB Ph.D. student
DeWayne Townsend — D.V.M.-Ph.D. in CMB awarded Spring 2003. Currently a faculty member, Integrative Biology/Physiology, U of MN.
Tara Ward — D.V.M. awarded Spring 2005; Ph.D. in CMB awarded Fall 2003. Currently employed by Medtronic.

For information concerning the Dual Degree Program, contact:
Dr. Mark Rutherford
Associate Dean for Graduate Programs
1988 Fitch Ave., 295 AS/VM
St. Paul, MN 55108

For information concerning the D.V.M. professional program, contact:
Academic and Student Affairs
1964 Fitch Avenue, 108 Pomeroy Center
St. Paul, MN 55108


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