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CMB Faculty

Bagchi, AnindyaOncology 
Beitz, AlvinAnatomy and Neuroscience
Blazar, BruceOncology
Bohjanen, PaulInfectious Disease
Brown, David R.Pharmacology, Toxicology and Neuroscience
Cardona, CarolPomeroy Chair in Avian Health
Carlson, CathyPathology and Physiology
Cheeran, MaximNeuroimmune Responses
Collister, John Cardiology
Conzemius, MichaelOsteonecrosis and Joint Replacement
Dickerson, ErinCancer Therapeutics 
Granick, JenniferClinical Sciences
Harris, ReubenMechanisms of Purposeful Mutation
Hogquist, KrisImmunology
Isaacson, RichardPathogenic Microbiology
Ji, YinduoMicrobial Pathogenesis
Johnson, TimMicrobiology
Kannan, MathurPharmacology
Kaufman, DanStem Cell Biology
Largaespada, DavidGenetics, Cell Biology and Development
Larson, AlicePharmacology and Neuroscience
Liang, YuyingMolecular Virology
Lokensgard, JamesNeurovirology
Ly, HinhMolecular Virology
Maheswaran, Samuel (no longer accepting students)Bacterial Pathogenesis
Mansky, KimBone Formation and Osteoporosis
Mansky, LouisMolecular Retrovirology and Therapeutics
McCue, MollyVeterinary Genetics
Mickelson, JamesBiochemistry and Veterinary Genetics
Modiano, JaimeOncology
Molitor, ThomasVirology and Immunology
Murtaugh, MichaelImmunology, Molecular Biology
O'Brien, TimAdult Bone Marrow-derived Multipotent Stem Cells
O'Grady, ScottPhysiology
Olson, JulieImmunology, Neurology
Patterson, NedEpilepsy, Genetics and Molecular Medicine
Perez, AndresEpidemiology, Emerging Diseases
Pluhar, ElizabethJoint Replacement, Bone Graft Incorporation and Remodeling
Rao, SriramaAirway Allergic Inflammation
Reed, KentMolecular Genetics and Genomics
Roy, SabitaPharmacology
Rutherford, MarkImmunology and Molecular Pathogenesis
Saqui-Salces, MilenaGut Cellular Physiology
Seelig, DavisComparative & Experimental Pathology
Sharkey, LesliePathology and Cardiovascular Physiology
Singer, RandallEpidemiology
Skinner, PamStudy of Prion Disease and HIV Pathogenesis
Sreevatsan, SrinandMycobacterial Pathogenesis and Epidemiology
Steer, CliffGenetics, Cell Biology and Development
Townsend, DeWayneCardiomyopathies and Cardiovascular Physiology
Travis, DominicInfectious Disease Ecology
Trumble, TroyEquine Orthopedic Diseases
Valberg, StephanieClinical and Population Sciences
Vulchanova, LucyMechanisms of Pain Signaling
Walcheck, BruceImmunology
Washabau, RobertInfectious Disease and Clinical Pharmacology
Wells, ScottEpidemiology
Wu, Jianming

Human Immunology and Immunogenetics

Xing, ZhengImmunology



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