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Fall Semester
VMED 5101 Basis of Nanoparticle Toxology
VMED 5165 Surveillance of Foodborne Diseases and Food Safety Hazards
VMED 5190 Seminar and Presentation Development for Graduate Students
VMED 5210 Advanced Large Animal Physiology
VMED 5240 Advanced Small Animal Pathobiology I (even years)
VMED 5242 Advanced Small Animal Pathobiology III (odd years)
VMED 5410 Scientific Writing and Speaking
VMED 5430 HIV/AIDS: Pathogenesis, Treatment & Prevention
VMED 5440 Microbial Risk Assessment of Foods
VMED 5596 Swine Diseases and Diagnostics
VMED 5991 Animal Health and Food System Policy and US State Government
VMED 5994 Advanced Clinical Epidemiology (even years)
VMED 8090 Epidemiology of Zoonoses and Diseases Common to Animals and Humans
VMED 8134 Ethical Conduct of Animal Research
VMED 8682 Advanced Large Animal Surgery
VMED 8780 Advanced Avian Critical Care: Principles and Procedures
VMED 8781 Seminar: Advanced Veterinary Anesthesiology (every third year, 2010, 2013...)

Spring Semester
VMED 5082 Diagnostic Epidemiology of Infectious Disease
VMED 5181 Spatial Analysis in Infectious Disease Epidemiology
VMED 5211 Advanced Large Animal Physiology II
VMED 5241 Advanced Small Animal Pathobiology II (odd years)
VMED 5243 Advanced Small Animal Pathobiology IV (even years)
VMED 5420 Molecular Epidemiology of Infectious Disease
VMED 5621 Principles of Veterinary Anesthesiology
VMED 5910 Grant Writing: What Makes a Winning Proposal
VMED 5920 Food Defense: Prepare, Respond, Recover
VMED 5990 Veterinary Public Practice Seminar
VMED 5992 Animal Health and Food System Policy and US National Government
VMED 5995 Engaging Intergovernmental Organizations
VMED 8195 Pre-Harvest Food Safety and Public Health Aspects of Food Animal Production (even years)
VMED 8250 Problems in Acid-Base, Electrolyte, & Fluid Metabolism (every third year)
VMED 8360 Evidence-based Medicine (every third year)
VMED 8593 Advanced Veterinary Virology and Serology
VMED 8796 Avian Anesthesia and Orthopedic Surgery

Both Fall and Spring Semesters
VMED 5080 Problems in Veterinary Epidemiology and Public Health
VMED 5232 Comparative Clinical Veterinary Dermatologic Pathology
VMED 5295 Problems in Large Animal Clinical Medicine/Surgery
VMED 5310 Topics in Veterinary Clinical Pathology
VMED 5319 Veterinary Gross Pathology
VMED 5330 Veterinary Descriptive Histopathology
VMED 5594 Research in Veterinary Medicine
VMED 5670 Bovine Surgery Practicum
VMED 5993 Animal Health and Food System Policy and Intergovernmental Organizations
VMED 8220 Advanced Nephrology/Urology Clinics
VMED 8230 Medical Conference
VMED 8292 Journal Club: Large Animal Internal Medicine
VMED 8293 Advanced Studies in Nephrology and Urology
VMED 8394 Research in Veterinary Medicine
VMED 8396 Diagnostic and Therapeutic Techniques of Animal Diseases
VMED 8492 Seminar: Infectious Diseases and Swine Medicine
VMED 8530 Advanced Swine Diseases
VMED 8550 Seminar in Veterinary Medicine
VMED 8592 Infectious Disease Journals: Critical Thinking
VMED 8693 Seminar: Large Animal Surgery
VMED 8793 Seminar: Veterinary Anesthesiology
VMED 8333 FTE: Master's
VMED 8444 FTE: Doctoral
VMED 8666 Doctoral Pre-Thesis Credits
VMED 8777 Thesis Credits: Mater's
VMED 8888 Thesis Credits: Doctoral

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