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VMED 5410

VMED5410 Scientific Writing and Speaking

Instructor information
Instructor's name: Sagar Goyal
Office location: 352 Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory
Office hours: 8:30AM-4:00PM (M-F)
Email address:

Course Details

Number of credits: 2 credits (course can be repeated 1 time)
Enrollment cap: 16
Day, time, and location of course: day - Monday, time - 2-4pm, location – 280VDL

Course prerequisites:
Graduate student

Brief description of the course: For graduate students in Health Sciences. Techniques of writing and publishing papers and theses including manuscript preparation, submission and review process, and proofreading and publishing processes.  Oral and poster presentations at scientific meetings and "Better Grant Writing" will also be covered.

Required and recommended materials and the location of the materials:
There are no assigned materials for this course.

Course Goals, Objectives, and Expectations

To prepare students for a career in sciences.  

To help students in preparing manuscripts well, writing winning grants, and in delivering very good scientific talks.  

The students would be able to give talks without any fear or hesitation; they will be able to write well; and they will appreciate the effort that goes in grant writing and how to succeed in that arena.


Schedule of topics, assignments, papers, projects, etc.:

  1. Introduction, Correction of a badly prepared manuscript, how to make effective presentations?
  2. Prepare excellent posters
  3. Writing – need, types, steps, how to make it easier, where to submit? Proofreading and Typing (word processing) rules
  4. Detailed instructions for manuscript prep
    Abstract, title, and authorship
  5. Introduction, M&M, Results
  6. Discussion, Paragraphing, Acknowledgements, References
  7. Correction of protocol, Correction of 4-page document on references
  8. Correction of abstracts, Correction of manuscript M, Correction of manuscript T
  9. Grant writing
  10. Grant Writing
  11. Writing review articles
  12. Ethics in science
  13. Animal use in science
  14. Writing Exercises
  15. Writing Exercises
  16. Course review and evaluation; Developing good writing habits

There are no examinations in this course. The student’s grade will be based on class participation, timely delivery and quality of class assignments, delivery of two seminars.  

Grading standards:

       The A – F grading system will apply to this course:

                   A = 90 – 100%

                   B = 80 – 89%

                   C = 70 – 79%

                   D = 60 – 69%

                   F = < 60%  

Statement of academic misconduct:
Students guilty of academic misconduct will receive a grade of ‘F’ for the course  

Senate student academic workload policies: 

Classroom expectation guidelines:






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