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VMED Alumni


Matthew Allerson, PhD
Advisor: Dr. Montserrat Torremorell
Thesis:Transmission and control of influenza virus in pig populations
Subsequent Position: Research Coordinator & Staff Veterinarian, Holden Farms, Inc. Northfield, MN

Alexandra Draper, MS
Advisor: Dr. Stephanie Valberg
Thesis: Pelvic Limb Movement Disorders in Horses

Joao Lima, PhD
Advisor: Dr. Scott Wells
Thesis: Understanding animal movements to inform bovine tuberculosis surveillance: a framework for a targeted approach

Leticia Linhares, MS
Advisor: Dr. Peter Davies
Thesis:A pilot study of the epidemiology of Staphylococcus aureus in multiple site swine production

Daniel Linhares, PhD
Advisor: Dr. Montserrat Torremorell
Thesis: Evaluation of Immune Management Strategies to Control and Eliminate Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus (PRRSv)
Subsequent Position: Head of Technical Services, Agroceres PIC, Brazil

Maximiliano Sepulveda, PhD
Advisors: Dr. Randall Singer & Dr. Katey Pelican
Thesis: Interactions between domestic, invasive and threatened carnivores and their implications in conservation and pathogen transmission
Subsequent Position: Consultant, Chile

Fabio Vannucci, PhD
Advisor: Dr. Connie Gebhart
Thesis: Proliferative Enteropathy: Pathogenesis and Host Adaptation
Subsequent Position: Diagnostician & Research and Development Scientist, Microvet Laboratory, Brazil


Ahmed Abd-Allah, PhD
Advisor: Dr. Srinand Sreevatsan
Thesis: N-terminus (Y145STOP) fragment of the prion protein plays a role in prion misfolding
Subsequent Position: Postdoctoral position, Sreevatsan Laboratory, University of Minnesota

Daniel Almeida, MS
Advisor: Dr. Nick Robinson
Thesis: Prevalence of Animal Abuse: A confidential survey and a retrospective analysis of postmortem exams
Subsequent Position: Clinical Instructor of Anesthesia, University of Minnesota Veterinary Medical Center

Carmen Alonso, MS
Advisor: Dr. Peter Davies
Thesis: Epidemiological and economic implications of air filtration systems to prevent PRRSV in large sow herds.
Subsequent Position: PhD student in Veterinary Medicine, University of Minnesota

Andreia Arruda, MS
Advisor: Dr. Sandra Godden
Thesis: Randomized Non-Inferiority Clinical Trial Evaluating Three Commercial Dry Cow Mastitis Preparations.
Subsequent Position: Pursuing a PhD in Population Medicine at University of Guelph, Canada.

Amanda Beaudoin, PhD
Advisors: Dr. Jeff Bender and Dr. Randall Singer
Thesis: Avian Influenza in Suphanburi Province, Thailand: Assessment of Transmission Dynamics and Interventions in the Local Poultry Sector.
Subsequent Position: Epidemic Intelligence Officer, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Cesar Corzo, PhD
Advisors: Dr. Robert Morrison and Dr. Marie Gramer
Thesis: Epidemiology of influenza A viruses of swine: surveilance, airborne detection and dissemination.
Subsequent Position: PIC, Hendersonville, Tennessee

Luis Espejo, PhD
Advisor: Dr. Scott Wells
Thesis: Epidemiology of Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis fecal shedding in Johne's disease infected dairy herds
Subsequent Position: Postdoctoral position with Dr. Scott Wells and Dr. Sandra Godden, University of Minnesota

Brian Hardy, MS
Advisor: Dr. Ned Patterson
Thesis: Injectable Levetiracetam Use in the Dog

Deepti Joshi, PhD
Advisor: Dr. Srinand Sreevatsan
Thesis: Population Genetics Framework and Functional Genomics of Mycobacterium bovis.

Hyeun Bum Kim, PhD
Advisor: Dr. Richard Isaacson
Thesis: A Metagenomic Approach to Study the Effects of Using Tylosin an Antibiotic Growth Promoter on the Pig Distal Gut Microflora.
Subsequent Position: Postdoctoral position with Dr. Saul Tzipori, Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, Tufts University

Jane Manfredi, MS
Adivsor: Dr. Troy Trumble
Thesis: Effect of arthroscopic surgery and post-surgical triamcinolone acetonide administration on synovial fluid, serum, urine and kinetic biomarkers in an equine metacarpophalangeal osteochondral injury model.
Subsequent Position: PhD student in comparative medicine and integrative biology, Michigan State University.

Lindsey Mathews, MS
Advisor: Dr. Lynelle Graham
Thesis: "Comparisonof the Cardiovascular Effects of Acepromazine vs Trazadone as Pre-medications in Dogs"
Subsequent Position: Veterinarian, Affiliated Emergency Veterinary Services, Coon Rapids, MN

Luis Mendonca, MS
Advisor: Dr. Ricardo Chebel
Thesis: Comparison of Holstein and Montbeliarde-sired Crossbred Dairy Cows during the Transition Period.
Subsequent Position: Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist in the Department of Animal Sciences and Industry, Kansas State University

Nicholas Phelps, PhD
Advisors: Dr. Sagar Goyal and Dr. Katey Pelican
Thesis: Improved diagnosis and management of viral hemorrhagic septicemia virus in fish.
Subsequent Position: Instructor and Aquaculture Specialist, University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine

Catherine Rivara, MS
Advisor: Dr. Jody Lulich
Thesis: The role of urine concentrations of purine metabolites as markers of disease.
Subsequent Position: Small Animal Internist at Sage Center for Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Care, California


Susan Detmer, PhD
Advisor: Drs. Sagar Goyal and Marie Gramer
Thesis: Control and Characterization of Influenza A Viruses in Swine
Subsequent Position: Assistant Professor, Western College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Sasksatechewan

Arpita Ghosh, MS
Advisor: Dr. K.V. Nagaraja
Thesis: Regulation of proinflammatory responses to Avian Influenza Virus by the MAP kinase phosphatases in chicken macrophages
Subsequent Position: PhD program, molecular virology, Louisiana State University

Josephine Gnanandarajah, PhD
Advisor: Dr. Michael Murtaugh
Thesis: Role of oxalate metabolizing bacteria in calcium oxalate urolithiasis in dogs
Subsequent Position: Postdoctoral position in the Department of Pediatrics, University of Minnesota

Tiffany Granone, MS
Advisor: Drs. Lynelle Graham and Jane Quandt
Subsequent Position: Clinical Assistant Professor, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Florida

Abirami Kugadas, MS
Advisor: Dr. Srinand Sreevatsan
Thesis: Membrane Serine Protease Protects Mycobaterium Avium Subsp. Paratubercuolosis Against Phagosomal Acid Stress
Subsequent position: PhD student at Washington State University

Kristy Metivier, PhD
Advisor: Dr. Vickie Wilkie
Thesis: Gene and Protein Expression in Canine Follicular Thyroid Carcinoma
Subsequent Position: Private practice, Trinidad and Tobago

Amanda Oliveira, MS
Advisor: Dr. Srinand Sreevatsan
Thesis: Serological Responses of Infected and Vaccinated Pigs to Recombinant Influenza A Proteins
Subsequent Position: Jr. Scientist, Medical School, U of M

Sumathy Puvanendiran, PhD
Advisor: Dr. Michael Murtaugh
Thesis: Cellular and Molecular Pathogenesis of PCV2 Infection
Subsequent Position: Veterinary Research Officer in the Veterinary Research Institute in Peradeniya, Kandy

Duane Robinson, PhD
Advisor: Dr. Michael Conzemius
Thesis: Development of a fracture osteomyelitis model in the rat femur
Subsequent Position: Assistant Professor in the Department of Clinical Sciences at Louisiana State University College of Veterinary Medicine

Anna Romagosa, MS
Advisor: Dr. Montserrat Torremorell
Thesis: Effect of Immunity on Influenza Transmission and Surveillance in Pig Populations
Subsequent position: Pfizer Spain

Santhakumari Anil Sukumaran Nair, PhD
Advisor: Dr. John Deen
Thesis: Epidemiology of Lameness in Breeding Female Pig
Subsequent position: Epidemiologist for the Florida Department of Health

Megan Swaab, MS
Advisor: Dr. Troy Trumble
Thesis: Compensatory force plate responses to single or multiple limb lameness induction in horses using a hoof clamp technique.
Subsequent Position: Veterinary Surgeon, Data Sciences International

Anil Thachil, PhD
Advisor: Dr. K.V. Nagaraja
Thesis: Cellulitis in Turkeys: Characterization of Causative Agents and Preventive Measures
Subsequent Position: Post-doc, Nagaraja Lab, U of M

Spencer Wayne, PhD
Advisor: Dr. Peter Davies
Thesis: Assessment of the Demographics and Network Structure of Swine Populations in Relation to Regional Disease Transmission and Control
Subsequent Position: Practicing swine veterinarian, Pipestone Veterinary Clinic


Meggan Bandrick, PhD
Advisor: Dr. Tom Molitor
Thesis:  Maternal Influences on Neonatal Immune Development in Pigs
Subsequent position: DVM student at U of MN

Lisa Borgia, PhD
Advisor: Dr. Stephanie Valberg
Thesis: Resistance Training and the Effect of Feeding Carbohydrates and Oils on Healthy Horses and Horses with Polysaccharide Storage Myopathy
Subsequent Position: Kentucky Equine Research

Luis Cruz Martinez, MS
Advisor: Dr. Pat Redig
Title: Spent Lead from Ammunition: A Source of Exposure for Bald Eagles
Subsequent position: Environmental toxicology PhD student at the University of Calgary

Abaineh Endalew, MS
Advisors: Drs. Fekadu Kassie and Jaime Modiano
Thesis: Effects of Cigarette Smoke Condensate on microRNA Expression Profile of Human Bronchial Epithelial Cells

Alejandrina DaSilva, MS
Advisor: Dr. John Deen
Thesis: Evaluation of Claw Lesion and Sow Lameness
Subsequent position: Consultant in Venezuela

Mary Donahue, MS
Advisor: Dr. Sandra Godden
Thesis: Heat-Treatment of Colostrum: Effects on Colostrum Characteristics and on Passive Transfer and Health in Commercial Dairy Calves
Subsequent Position: Public Health Veterinarian, USDA FSIS

Alfonso Lago Vasquez, MS
Advisor: Dr. Sandra Godden
Thesis: Efficacy of On-Farm Programs for the Diagnosis and Selective Treatment of Clinical and Subclinical Mastitis in Dairy Cattle
Subsequent Position:Tech services manager, APC, Inc.

Charles McBrien, Jr., MS
Advisor: Dr. Liz Pluhar
Thesis: Growth Dynamics of the Canine Proximal Tibial Physis
Subsequent Position: Private practice, Pennsylvania

Tsuyoshi Murakami, PhD
Advisor: Dr. Daniel Feeney
Thesis: Assessment of the relative predictive value of patient information towards the diagnosis in canine sonographically detected focal liver lesions and canine thoracolumbar intervertebral disc herniation using Bayesian approaches to logistic regression models
Subsequent position: Clinical track radiologist, The Ohio State University

Eugene Nwaokorie, MS
Advisors: Drs. Carl Osborne and Jody Lulich
Thesis: Epidemiology of Struvite Urolithiasis in Ferrets

Jeremy Schefers, PhD
Advisors: Drs. James Collins and Sagar Goyal
Thesis: Detection, Characterization, and Control of Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus in Dairy Herds
Subsequent position: Assistant clinical professor in the Minnesota Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory


Mona Al-Gizawiy, PhD
Advisor: Dr. Al Beitz
Thesis: Effects of Electroacupuncture in a Mouse Model of Experimentally-Induced Osteosarcoma
Subsequent position: Post-doc position, in Milwaukee, WI

Mary Boyce, MS
Advisor: Dr. Erin Malone
Thesis: Diffusion of Triamcinolone Acetonide From the Equine Distal Interphalangeal Joint into the Navicular Bursa
Subsequent position: Pursuing PhD in the Comparative and Molecular Biosciences program at U of MN

Melissa Carr, MS
Advisor: Dr. Sheila Torres
Thesis: Studies on Pruritogenic Substances and the H4 Receptor in Healthy Canine Skin
Subsequent position: Private practice, Oakdale, MN

RaMi Cha, PhD
Advisor: Dr. Jagdev Sharma
Thesis: Immunopathogenesis of Avian Metapneumovirus in the Turkeys
Subsequent position: Postdoc position with the USDA

Giordana Costa, MS
Advisors: Drs. Simone Oliveira and Jerry Torrison
Thesis:  Evaluation of Actinobacillus Pleurnopneumoniae Diagnostic Tests Using Samples from Experimentally Infected Pigs
Subsequent position: Junior scientist, U of MN Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory

KwangSoo Lyoo, PhD
Advisor: HanSoo Joo
Thesis: Virologic, Epidemiologic, and Prophylactic Investigation on Porcine Circovirus Type 2 Infection in Pigs
Subsequent position: WHO Collaborating Center of Viral Hepatitis. College of Medicine, The Catholic University of Korea

Anne Nicholson, MS
Advisor: Dr. Micky Trent
Thesis: Association of Age, Presence of Injury and Joint Sampled on Serum and Synovial Fluid Concentrations of Type II Collagen Biomarkers in Thoroughbred Horses
Subsequent position: Private practice

Patrick Pithua, PhD
Advisor: Dr. Scott Wells
Thesis: Efficacy of Interventions and Role of Raw Colostrum Feeding Programs in Transmission of Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis
Subsequent position: Assistant professor, College of Veterinary Medicine, U of Missouri

Andrea Pitkin, MS
Advisor: Scott Dee
Thesis: The Production Region Model: A New Approach to Evaluate Routes of Transmission and Protocols of Biosecurity for PRRS Virus
Subsequent position: current DVM student at U of MN

Christie Ward, PhD
Advisor: Dr. Trevor Ames
Thesis: Pulmonary Expression of Inflammatory Cytokines in Experimental Bovine Pneumonic Mannheimiosis
Subsequent position: Assistant Clinical Professor, U of MN

Suphot Wattanaphansak, PhD
Drs. Connie Gebhart and Randy Singer
Thesis: Lawsonia Intracellularis Disease Control and Epidemiology
Subsequent position: Faculty position in the Department of Veterinary Medicine at Chulalongkorn University, Thailand.


Al Carlson, MS
Advisor: Dr. Bob Morrison
Thesis: Investigations into the Prevalence of Salmonella spp. in Herds and the Environment on Selected Minnesota Swine Farms
Subsequent position: Practicing veterinarian

Cleverson DeSouza, PhD
Advisor: Dr. Doug Weiss
Thesis: Role of mitogen activated protein kinases in regulating monocyte antimicrobial responses to Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis
Subsequent position: Practicing veterinarian in Brazil

Jennifer Granick, MS
Advisors: Drs. Jane Armstrong and Dori Borjesson
Thesis: Anaplasma phagocytophilum: An Investigation of the Pathogenesis of Infection-induced Thrombocytopenia and a Retrospective Case Series of Canine Infection in the Upper Midwestern United States
Subsequent position: Private practice

Lingling Li, PhD
Advisor: Dr. Vivek Kapur
Thesis: Complete Genome Sequence and Strain Differentiation of Mycobacterium Avium Subspecies Paratuberculosis
Subsequent position: Research Associate in the Department of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences at Penn State University.

Maria Pieters, PhD
Drs. Tom Molitor and Carlos Pijoan
Thesis: Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae Infection in Sow Herds: Epidemiology and Control.
Subsequent position: Postdoctoral associate in the Department of Animal Sciences, University of Illinois

Stephanie Rutten-Ramos, PhD
Advisor: Dr. John Deen
Thesis: Optimizations with Uncertainty in Pork Production
Subsequent position: Freelance statistical consultant.

Meetu Seth, MS
Advisor: Dr. Srinand Sreevatsan
Thesis: Biomarkers for Subclinical Infections for Mycobacterial Disease in Cattle: Discovery and Application
Subsequent position: PhD student at UMASS medical school in Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, studying cancer biology.

Kyra Wingate, MS
Advisor: Drs. Sheila Torres and Mark Rutherford
Thesis: Expression of Endogenous Antimicrobial Peptides in Canine Skin
Subsequent position: Lab technician in Veterinary Biomedical Sciences


JeanPaul Cano, PhD
Advisors: Drs. Scott Dee and Carlos Pijoan
Thesis: Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus (PRRSV) Transmission within Infected Populations: Modulation and Monitoring
Subsequent position: Faculty member, Population Veterinary Medicine Department, College of Veterinary Sciences, Central University of Venezuela in Maracay

Jerome Carrier, PhD
Advisor: Dr. Sandra Godden
Thesis: Behavioral and Metabolic Observations of Dairy Cows in the Transition Period
Subsequent position: Teaching ambulatory medicine at the University of Montreal

Ra Mi Cha, MS
Advisor: Dr. Jagdev Sharma
Thesis: Response of the Upper Respiratory Tract of Turkeys to Avian Metapneumovirus
Subsequent position: Pursuing PhD in VMED at U of M

Eduardo Fano, PhD
Advisors: Drs. Scott Dee and Carlos Pijoan
Thesis: Epidemiology of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae: Transmission, Persistence, and the Impact of Piglet Prevalence at Weaning
Subsequent position: Professor, the National University of Mexico

Josephine Gnanandarajah, MS
Advisor: Dr. Mike Murtaugh
Thesis: Protein Biomarkers for Acute Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus Infection in Pigs
Subsequent position: Pursuing PhD in VMED at U of M

Marie Gramer, PhD
Advisors: Drs. Jim Collins and Sagar Goyal
Thesis: Detection and Characterization of Reassortant Swine Influenza Viruses
Subsequent position: Assitant Clinical Professor, Veterinary Population Medicine Department, Veterinary Diagnostic Lab, U of M

Luanne Hunt, MS
Advisor: Dr. Stephanie Valberg
Thesis: An Epidemiologic Studey of Myopathies in Warmblood Horses
Subsequent position: Private practice

Jennifer Johnson, MS
Advisor: Dr. Sandra Godden
Thesis: The Effect of Different Colostrum Management Strategies on Passive Transfer of Cellular and Humoral Immune Parameters in Holstein Calves
Subsequent position: Pursuing PhD in CMB at U of M

Steven Kass, MS
Advisor: Dr. Jagdev Sharma
Thesis: Immunogenic and Pathogenic Characteristics of a Marcrophage-adapted Infectious Bursal Disease Virus in Specific-pathogen-free Chickens
Subsequent position: Assistant Scientist, Schulze Diabetes Institute

Geisa Paulin-Curlee, PhD
Advisors: Drs. Russ Bey and Doug Foster
Thesis: Mastitis Associated Klebsiella Penumoniae Isolates Show High Levels of Genetic Diversity
Subsequent position: Applying for residency in anatomic pathology

Carolina Ricco, MS
Advisors: Drs. Lynelle Graham and Jane Quandt
Thesis: Use of a wireless system to measure invasive arterial blood pressure in ponies
Subsequent position: Assistant professor, anesthesiology, Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine, Blacksburg, VA

Albert Rovira, PhD
Advisors: Drs. Bob Morrison and Claudia Munoz-Zanzi
Thesis: Surveillance of Herds Free of Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome: Evaluation of Current Protocols and Development of Alternative Strategies
Subsequent position: Assistant Clinical Specialist in VPM Department, U of M

Jennifer Schurrer, MS
Advisor: Dr. Scott Dee
Thesis: As Assessment of Insects as Regional Vectors of Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus
Subsequent position: Small animal practitioner, Companions Animal Hospital, St. Cloud, MN

Andrea Sotirakopoulos, MS
Advisor: Dr. Elizabeth McNeil
Thesis: Evaluation of microsatellite instability (MSI) as a diagnostic tool for transitional cell carcinoma of the lower urinary tract in dogs
Subsequent position: Internist at Veterinary Specialty Hospital in San Diego

Hisako Tsutsumi, MS
Advisor: Dr. Jeff Bender
Thesis: A Food Safety Predctive Modeling and Risk Estimation for Imported Shrimp into Japan and the United States
Subsequent position: Government official in the Animal and Fisheries Product Safety Division in the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries, Japan

Melissa Vadnais, PhD
Advisor: Dr. Ken Roberts
Thesis: Characterization of Cyrocapacitation in Boar Sperm and How Seminal Plasma Proteins Affect the Process
Subsequent position: Pursuing VMD at the U of PA

Xiaochun Zhu, MS
Advisor: Dr. Srinand Sreevatsan
Thesis: Diverse Strains of Mycobacterium Avium Subspecies Paratuberculosis Show Common Themes in Gene Expression in Primary Bovine Monocyte Derived Macrophages
Subsequent position: Pursuing master's degree in biostatistics, U of M, School of Public Health



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