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The College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM), the Department of Veterinary Population Medicine (VPM), and University of Minnesota Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory (VDL) partnered to create an Infectious Agent Repository to maintain biological pathogens and associated information on them for future use in research. This facility provides a unique resource to the university community by collecting, processing, storing and distributing pathogens to support future research. In addition, the repository offers a searchable database that  individual labs may use to organize their own freezers.

This resource will be extended to all faculty and staff at the University on a fee-for-use basis. In addition, services will be offered, upon request, to those not affiliated with the University of Minnesota.


The functions of the pathogen repository and laboratory is to serve as a core CVM resource facility for:

Storage and maintenance of infectious agents:
This site will serve as a common repository for infectious agents of food animal, companion animal, and wildlife. A catalogue of isolates and its associated data, and a searchable database of the inventory will be maintained by the facility. Clinical, diagnostic or molecular analysis data for each isolate will be catalogued as available with each archived isolate.

Distribution of samples:
Isolates available in the repository can be requested, and will be processed for transport or shipping to other facilities within the University using appropriate SOPs for packaging and transportation of the agent(s) contained in the sample.

Receiving and processing clinical samples:
Clinical samples with unknown pathogens or known BSL-2 agents will be processed in the laboratory for storage and for DNA/RNA/protein analysis. Clinical samples from ongoing research experiments or surveillance studies may also be received in this laboratory for storage prior to processing. A minimum information data set associated with all clinical samples will be required for storage and/or archiving.

Inventory software use:
IAR utilizes the FreezerPro® Enterprise Inventory System to maintain repository records. IAR has purchased the software and can provide individual researchers a license and support to maintain their own freezer inventory.


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