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CVM-Leman China-Speaker_Kyle Coble



Kyle Coble
New Fashion Pork, USA 







Dr. Kyle Coble is a Swine Nutritionist for New Fashion Pork in Jackson, MN.  In 2010, he earned his B.S. in Animal Science at Oklahoma State University followed by a M.S. in Animal Science with an emphasis in Swine Nutrition in 2012. He graduated from Kansas State University with a Ph.D. in Swine Nutrition in 2015, investigating the effects of different byproduct withdrawal strategies to decrease negative impacts on carcass yield and copper supplementation in finishing pigs. In 2014, Dr. Coble was awarded the International Ingredient Corporation Pinnacle Award for Outstanding Young Swine Nutrition Student. In 2015, he was selected as an American Society of Animal Science Young Scholar.  Today, his main focus at NFP is to drive revenue and profitability through well-organized research, nutrition, and marketing efforts that provide pigs with optimal nutrition and production practices needed for their well-being.

凯欧.寇博博士是明尼苏达州杰克森市“新时尚养猪公司”的一位养猪营养师。在2010年,他在俄克拉荷马州立大学获得了动物科学学士学位,于2012年获得了动物科学硕士学位,专注养猪营养。在2015年, 他从堪萨斯州立大学的养猪营养学博士项目毕业, 研究领域是:通过剔除不同副产品的策略以降低它们对育肥猪屠宰率和铜补充的负面影响。2014年,他获得于国际营养成分顶尖科研奖的“年轻养猪营养学学生”奖项。2015年,他被美国动物科学协会授予青年学者称号。现在,他新时尚养猪公司的工作重心是通过精心设计试验,营养学研究,和营销策略来提高公司的收入和利润,同时保证猪的良好生长所需的最佳健康生产管理。


  CVM-Leman China-Speaker_Keith Erlandson


Keith Erlandson
Chia Tai Group, China




Dr. Keith Erlandson received his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Degree from Iowa State University in 2004. He has also earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Animal Science (2000) and a Masters Degree in Veterinary Microbiology (2004) from Iowa State University. In 2011 he became a Diplomate of the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners in the Swine Health Management specialty. In 2015 he earned a Masters of Business Administration degree from the University of South Dakota. Dr. Erlandson has worked as a private swine consultant, staff veterinarian for a swine production company, and a professional services veterinarian for a pharmaceutical company. He is currently the Director of Swine Veterinary Medicine for the CP Group in China. He lives in Xi’an, China with his wife, Nancy and daughters Kelsey (11) and Trista (10).





CVM-Leman China-Speaker_Richard French



Richard A. French
CP Group-China



Dr. Richard French is the Vice President of Animal Health – Diagnostic Services for the China Area under CP Group. He is a veterinary pathologist and previously served as the Dean of the School of Animal Studies, Becker College. Dr. French acquired is DVM from the University of Illinois.  He went into small animal practice for several years and then returned to academics, receiving a Masters in parasitology and a Ph.D. in neuropathology and completed a residency in anatomic pathology.  Dr. French then served as a tenured faculty at the University of Connecticut and as a pathologist in the Connecticut Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory.  Dr. French later served as Director of the New Hampshire Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory. Dr. French is a member of the USDA National Animal Health Emergency Response Corp. and has served in national and international disease outbreaks. He has served as an instructor for Foreign Animal Disease Training Course, Plum Island Animal Disease Center, New York, for the past 13 years. Dr. French’s primary interests are in emerging, zoonotic and transboundary diseases of animal and public health significance.  He has numerous publications and broad fields, which includes the first report of West Nile virus in the northern hemisphere (Science 1999).

理查德•弗兰切博士是正大集团中国地区动物健康诊断副总裁。他是一名兽医病理学家,曾担任贝克尔学院动物研究学院的院长。弗兰切博士于美国伊利诺伊大学获得博士学位。他在小动物领域工作了多年后选择重新返回学校继续深造,获得了寄生虫学硕士和神经病理学博士学位,并完成解剖病理学住院医。弗兰切博士是康涅狄格大学的终身教授,曾在康涅狄格兽医诊断实验室担任病理学家。而后曾担任过新罕布什尔兽医诊断实验室主任。弗兰切博士是美国农业部国家动物卫生应急联盟的成员,并服务于国内国际疾病暴发事件。在过去的13年,他在纽约普拉姆岛动物疾病中心曾担任国外动物疾病培训班讲师。他主要研究兴趣是动物和公共卫生中的新发人畜共患病和跨界疾病。他发表许多出版物, 涉及广泛领域,其中包括西尼罗河病毒在北半球的第一份报告(1999 科学杂志)。




CVM-Leman China-Speaker_Laura Greiner



Laura Greiner
Carthage, USA




Laura received her PhD in Animal Nutrition from Iowa State University under Dr. Tim Stahly. Her Master’s and PhD thesis work focused on nutritional modulation of the immune system and natural alternatives to antibiotics. After completing her degree, Laura spent three years conducting post-doctoral work at the University of Iowa in Microbiology. At U of IA, she worked on a NIH grant in Immunology and focused her work on identifying genes involved in biofilm formation and immune evasion of Haemophilus parasuis and genes regulating pathogenesis. Laura has spent the last 10 ½ years as the Director of Research for Carthage Innovative Swine Solutions where she lead a team of 8 individuals and conducted both basic science and product validations in all aspects of swine growth and development. Today, she continues to serve as an advisor to the research company and is the Carthage Veterinary Service Nutrition Director.



CVM-Leman China-Speaker-Bob Morrison



Bob Morrison
University of Minnesota, USA






Dr.Bob Morrison is a Veterinary Professor in the University of Minnesota Swine Group. He is an avid teacher, and conducts applied research and service to the swine industry. One of his responsibilities is program chair for the annual Leman Swine Conference. He is also the host of a popular educational audio series called "At the Meeting". Bob is involved in a family owned swine farm with 3,000 sows in western Minnesota. He consults with small regional swine farms and large integrated systems in the United States and around the world. This broad experience in conjunction with his business training gives him the ability to combine applied science with the business aspects of pork production.

莫瑞森博士是明尼苏达大学养猪小组的兽医教授。他热心教学,并从事养猪行业的应用研究和服务。他的职责之一是作为一年一度的里曼养猪大会的项目主席。他还是知名网络教育系统“ At the meeting” 的主持人。鲍勃还参与一个位于明尼苏达西部,有3000头母猪的自家拥有猪场的管理。他为美国及世界范围小型和大型猪场提供咨询。鲍勃既有养猪方面的经验,又有商业教育背景,集养猪生产应用科学和商业管理于一身。


CVM-Leman China-Speaker_Deb Murray


Deborah Murray
New Fashion Pork, USA




Dr. Deborah Murray received her DVM at the University of Minnesota in 2006 and has practiced as a mixed animal veterinarian from 2006-2007. Since 2007 she has been a swine exclusive veterinarian working for New Fashion Pork, in Jackson MN. Deborah is in charge of veterinary services for the company which has approximately 59,000 sows and markets about 1.4million pigs annually. Deborah received the Young Swine Veterinarian award from AASV in 2012, and the Science in Practice award from the Leman Conference (USA) in 2016. Deborah has served as a committee chair for the AASV annual meeting and has spoken several times at the AASV annual meeting, Leman Conference (USA), and the Swine Disease Conference in Ames IA.
德博拉.穆瑞博士2006年在明尼苏达大学获得兽医动物医学博士学位, 并在06-07年间从事多个动物种类的兽医工作。从07年以来,她一直在位于明尼苏达州杰克森市的“新时尚养猪公司”从事养猪兽医工作。穆瑞博士负责公司每年大概59,000头母猪和140万头商品猪的兽医服务工作。她在2012年荣获了美国养猪猪兽医协会“青年养猪兽医”荣誉,并在2016年获得了美国“李曼养猪大会”的“科学与实践”奖。穆瑞博士曾担任美国猪兽医协会年会委员会主席,并多次在美国猪兽医协会年会,美国李曼养猪大会和爱荷华州埃姆斯的猪疾病大会进行演讲。



CVM-Leman China-Speaker_Jennifer Patterson



Jennifer Patterson
University of Alberta, Canada







Jennifer is the Senior Research Coordinator for the Swine Reproduction & Development Program (SRDP) at the University of Alberta.  She received her MSc in Animal Science from the University of Alberta, specializing in Gilt Management and Reproduction.  She is responsible for the overall delivery of animal based research for the SRDP program which includes the administration and coordination of research projects, the analysis and development of research reports and scientific manuscripts and the presentation of results at various local and international meetings and conferences. She works closely with industry partners and pork production system’s in North America to optimize breeding herd management and to conduct innovative research projects in commercial settings.  She enjoys working with data – establishing and maintaining large databases, looking for trends within the data to create reports that can be used as tools to maintain production efficiency. Most recently Jennifer is responsible for the overall management of the multi-year, multi-institution, research project on Sow Lifetime Productivity (SLP) funded by the National Pork Board USA and an industry sponsor (PIC). 





CVM - leman china - speaker-Paul Sundberg



Paul Sundberg
Swine Health Information Center,USA








Dr. Paul Sundberg is the Executive Director of the Swine Health Information Center. Previously, he served as the Senior Vice President of Science and Technology for the National Pork Board.  Prior to becoming part of the National Pork Board staff on July 1, 2001, Sundberg was Assistant Vice President of Science and Technology for the National Pork Producers Council (NPPC).  Sundberg joined NPPC in 1994 as Director of Veterinary Issues after leaving veterinary practice in Madison, Nebraska, to pursue further education and join the Iowa State University faculty in the College of Veterinary Medicine, Department of Clinical Sciences. Dr. Sundberg attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where he earned his bachelor’s degree in biology.  He got his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, master’s and doctorate in veterinary microbiology with a specialty in preventive medicine degrees at Iowa State University.  He is also board certified in the American College of Veterinary Preventive Medicine and is a past-president of the College. Dr. Sundberg is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association, the American Association of Swine Veterinarians and the Iowa Veterinary Medical Association. Paul and his wife Debra live in Ames, Iowa.

保罗·桑德博格博士是养猪健康信息中心的执行主席。在此之前,他曾担任美国国家猪肉委员会的科学技术高级副主席。在2001年7月1日加入美国国家猪肉委员会之前,他是美国猪肉生产者协会的科学技术助理副主席。保罗博士于1994年离开他从事兽医实践的内布拉斯加州的麦迪逊,以兽医问题主任的身份加入了美国猪肉生产者协会以寻求进修,而后又在爱荷华州立大学兽医学院临床科学系任教。桑德博格博士在内布拉斯加 - 林肯大学获得了生物学学士学位。他在爱荷华州立大学获得了兽医博士,兽医微生物学硕士和博士学位, 主修预防医学。他是美国兽医预防医学学院委员会认证的专家,他还是是学院的前任主席。桑德博格博士是美国兽医协会,美国养猪兽医协会和爱荷华州兽医协会的成员。目前他和他的妻子黛布拉生活在在爱荷华州埃姆斯。




CVM - leman china - speakers - Pedro Urriola



Pedro E. Urriol
University of Minnesota, USA






Pedro E. Urriola graduated in 2003 from Universidad Central de Venezuela with a bachelor degree in Veterinary Medicine.  He received MS in Swine Nutrition at the University of Minnesota and PhD in Swine Nutrition at the University of Illinois.  The topics of Pedro’s M.S. and Ph.D. research were dedicated to the improvement of nutritional utilization of alternative feed ingredients in diets for growing pigs.  This work resulted in 6 peer review publications, 19 proceedings in professional meetings, a book chapter, and multiple presentations for commodity groups, swine producers, and the general feed industry in the United States and Latin America.  Currently, Dr. Urriola is a Research Assistant Professor at the Department of Animal Sciences of the University of Minnesota. His work is on our work on nutritional evaluation of industrial co-products at the University of Minnesota, especially with distillers dried grains with solubles, but focusing in multiple aspects of energy, amino acids, phosphorus, and dietary fiber.  His research has being awarded recognition at the American Society of Animal Science. He’s also involved in projects on the management and control of Porcine Coronaviruses transmission.



















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